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    25 AA male . Looking for a conservative due procedure to add density to frontal. previous surgery 800 graphs , and I’m not happy with the growth. I will probably need crown surgery down the line so I’m trying to stay conservative as possible. Also considering long hair due to help camoflouge some of the thinning areas. Professional opinion needed
  2. Chances101

    FUE OR FUT???

    26M, I had previous fue for 800 grafts. Looking to add density to frontal . I know I will need procedure for crown in future. So I’m trying to take the best route possible . I have been getting mixed advice or fut or fue , I have curly , coarse black hair . Looking for best results , I don’t want to continue FUE procedures and Run out of hair in future . And I’m scared if the fut scar won’t heal well for me ? Doctors help ! I have been getting mixed advice also any advice on good doctors who work on AA patients and show good results.
  3. Why aren’t you a candidate for fue ? And what about fut
  4. Yeah the crown is bothering me a lot. I keep hearing that I should stay away from the crown. But I was thinking about putting a couple hundred grafts in the crown then coming back if it got worse .
  5. 26 year on M. African American . I had braids for 6 years which I feel accelerated hair loss. I got a small fue procedure a year ago for 800 grafts out of a small area and I feel it was over harvested. I expirenced shock loss in the area as well. Any way fast forward a year later I let my hair grow out longer and you cant tell but soon as I cut it . It’s pretty obvious . I’m looking to feel in frontal zones and crown with good density. Do you think my donor can handle a 1500-2000 graft session without being obviously harvested? And possible have enough for one more session down the line ? I was reading they can extract from sides as we’ll. Lastly fut crossed my mind but I’m scared or scar stretching . Should I go fue ? Is it a good idea ? I also understand that that I am 26 and hair loss may continue . But waiting is not an option .i know I will need a future procedure down the line and that is fine. Just looking for an good opinion
  6. Looking for a couple good FUE doctors for African Americans doctors ? I know about diep but he depleted a lot of donors . Extremely high, and booked out for a year . Looking for a few more. Anyone know about Dr.Vories? Thanks