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  1. So if we grow hair mid-length are signs of surgery become more noticeable? I like to get a very short haircut (military to hide temples) and then keep growing hair until its very long. Then cut again and repeat cycle. I like to experience all hair lengths. So that got me a bit worried, as I believed hair transplant is going to help me stop worrying constantly about how my hair looks...
  2. I've read this too. Can anyone confirm that these scars cannot be tanned? It's a bit sad, because one of the reasons I want a transplant is to enjoy holidays on the sun and short hair is the best when its sunny.
  3. I have spent quite a lot of time checking dr Demirsoy and I think he will be the one who touches my head. xd He is also more affordable and a bit closer.
  4. He does amazing job. Which one would you choose - Dr. Bhatti or dr. Demirsoy? I haven't done much research on Bhatti besides some Youtube videos.
  5. I can't tell you had FUE. Incredible. Who was your doctor and what punch size was used? Your scarring is a bit more visible than previous poster, but it actually looks very good. I wouldn't know you have scars if I wasn't a Norwood Marine. Who was your surgeon? Thanks guys for photos, I appreciate it. EDIT: How many grafts you guys had?
  6. Oh noes. ;( I have pale skin and fine hair. They look kind of "transparent" when are short, but look very dense when grown longer (curly).
  7. #0 with not visible scars? Don't think this would happen to me. I haven't got my procedure done yet. I am trying to get as much info of what I should expect because I am just about to make a decision whether I should do FUE or not.
  8. Probably you are right. I haven't got the procedure done yet. I just contacted a clinic and now we are "discussing" but they are very slow to reply.
  9. Hey, I am having a hard time figuring out how short hairs can be cut at donor area after FUE transplant (micromotor), so that they are undetectable. Some say #1 guard shave, some say #2 or #3. Have you got some video links showing head shaven or #1 guard shave in donor area around 1+ year post FUE? Is military cut a viable option with FUE?
  10. It's really cool that you can't see scaring after 4000 grafts, I have seen his work and it really looks clean, can't wait for my turn, but I am so anxious about going to Turkey and doing this procedure... How short do you cut your hair at the back and sides? I just wonder - when the hair grows back a little after the procedure - would using hair fibers on donor area work? I have never used them before and I haven't seen any people using it on that area.
  11. Thanks man for this. I do not need to lower hairline, I just want to fill-in temples. However, the doctor that I am interested in (Erkan Demirsoy) wants the head to be shaven, apparently for best quality. I haven't contacted him yet, this info is from the research I did. He may do exception. I can't grow hair like this guy Legends, I would have to wear a military style (back and sides shaved with much longer bangs), the problem is then the donor area. After a month it will still be visible I guess.
  12. How much did it cost you? Can you upload photos with your donor area? Thanks, I wish you hairy days.
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