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  1. i have been told by a couple of guys. Dorin, and Bernstein. Maybe, i am the unlucky guy who never had a great donor site to begin with. then again, they both seemed very conservative.
  2. I don't mind travel at all. Just want an idea if there are comparable surgeons in U.S, especially for someone with limited donor hair. Anyone can work wonders when there is abundance of donor hair. Norwood? probably 6. Got 2,300 grafts last time. FUT I have thin hair on front half i guess. nothing else on crown. Probably good 50% completely bald. I guess my choices are cover the crown and be thin all over, or get density on top. The consultant from H&W suggested the latter approach. I feel the same way. All depends on how dense they can get it.
  3. Hi, i have had one surgery 5 years ago. So so results. Looking for second and last surgery. I am told i dont have a lot of donor hair left. Maybe 2,500. Keep hearing and hasson & wong and how good they are with getting the most out of donor hair. Had a consult with one of their guys in new york recently. I guess my question is, is it worth flying to Canada for H&W, or is there someone in U.S who can give me the best result with the limited donor supply? Thanks.