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  1. Intro I’ve done some research and I want to be corrected if I’m wrong. If I can be, I will have the confidence needed to consult with ASMED. About me Late 20s Norwood 3V (minor loss at crown) Finesteride and Minoxidil - hair loss stable. Goals Restore hairline and temple points and minimal loss at crown. Thoughts ASMED ASMED get decent results but it’s roulette in terms of which tech team you get. Donor management isn’t the best - they use more grafts than other clinics to achieve the density illusion. I’ve also seen more aggressive hairlines on younger patients than more conservative clinics. I worry that if the meds stop working down the road, I could be left with limited grafts and an unatural look. FUE I have three crowns so having super short hair for me has never worked. Therefore I’m not worried about FUT. I also think FUE isn’t great when you’re younger because of how loss can resume: you can get more grafts out of FUT in the long run and it doesn’t destroy nearby follicular units like FUE. FUE is blind. FUT has better survival rates. Conclusion I am actively considering ASMED but the above consist of my reservations. Therefore, I’m also thinking FUT with Hasson Wong.