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  1. I have one or two other clinics in mind if I was to get a second one done. I’m just weighing up the risks and rewards.
  2. Hi All Hope you’re all staying safe. I had 1000 grafts in mid 2018 with Dr Farjo FUE. It’s been almost two years.The idea was to bring forward the hairline. Not exactly the result I had in mind but I’m aware that there are risks with any procedure and even with great doctors nothing is guaranteed. Been thinking about what went wrong and next steps and whether to have a second to beef up and straighten OR just to leave it. I’m close to signing up for a second transplant and just wanted to hear your thoughts. See pics for immediate post op and now in a range of lighting (low/harsh
  3. Intro I’ve done some research and I want to be corrected if I’m wrong. If I can be, I will have the confidence needed to consult with ASMED. About me Late 20s Norwood 3V (minor loss at crown) Finesteride and Minoxidil - hair loss stable. Goals Restore hairline and temple points and minimal loss at crown. Thoughts ASMED ASMED get decent results but it’s roulette in terms of which tech team you get. Donor management isn’t the best - they use more grafts than other clinics to achieve the density illusion. I’ve also seen more aggressive hai
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