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  1. Seems good to me so far! Hopefully things keep progressing the next few months for you.
  2. I didn't mean to sound too negative in my post, we are both still far too early to know our results. I am mostly happy with mine at the five month mark, but still need LOTS of improvement the next five to seven months for it to be a success. I think yours will be a success. As we know, hair transplant pictures can be very deceiving based on lighting, angles, hair style, etc. Putting the pictures in harsh conditions is the best to not camouflage the results like some do.
  3. Kraistoff- How do you think it compares to where you were at for 5 months? Hopefully not the case but it seems to have the signs of the new "signature" look that most recent ASMED hairlines have where it is patchy in at least one of the areas behind the new hairline. Mine appears to be the same (Templerunner and I had the surgery on the same day). Hopefully it's just a 5 month thing for us.
  4. Here are my 4.5 month pictures. I'm still not good at taking these pictures but I don't enjoy it so no re-dos. Much improvement from 3.5 month, but still FAR from where I want to be. It's pretty obvious in the pictures which is the transplanted hair. As long as it keeps progressing each of the next six months I think I will be happy in the end. I'll get a haircut before my next set of pictures which hopefully will contrast the transplanted hair better.
  5. Not to derail your thread but i am curious what type of work do you do that allows a 4 month vacation? Here in the US unless you are a school teacher, taking anything beyond two weeks is pretty unheard of. I've been out of college for 10 years and the longest vacation I have ever taken is 5 work days. I only took four days when I went to Instanbul for hair transplant (though i can work from home which helps).
  6. Wow that looks amazing for 4 months!! I think you are on pace for a very good result I will update mine in the next few days. Mine is not nearly as good as yours yet but it’s gotten MUCh better the last couple weeks so I’m excited.
  7. You need to wait a few YEARS years before you have another surgery. Just because a doctor says they will perform a surgery that will make you look better now doesn't mean they care what you will look like in 10 years. It is a business and they want your money.
  8. Like I've said multiple times before, it is a waste of time trying to put any sense into him. If I recall, he doesn't take finasteride, minoxidil, or any supplements. He began searching for new surgeons after only about 5 months. He is under 30, had two transplants, and wants a third before he is 30.
  9. Correct, the minimum dosage it comes in is 1mg. You should just take half a pill every day. I'm no doctor but it just seems to make way more sense.
  10. What is up with this notion of people switching to every other day on finasteride? It only has a half life of 8 hours! That means that every other day you will not have it in your system, including a good portion of the day you took it. Why would you consider this? Just reduce to 0.5mg daily instead of 1mg every other day.
  11. You are experienced here so I doubt I'm going to change your mind but it just doesn't make any sense to me to take finasteride every other day given its short half of roughly 8 hours. If you want to take a low dose it seems like taking 0.5mg everyday would be much more beneficial. You could also just switch to dustasteride and take it like every three days since it has such a long half life.
  12. It's all a guess at this point in time, but far fetched. I can see this type of solution or some type of hair cloning becoming a reality in like 30 years. But then again 40 years ago some people thought we would have flying cars by now. 🤣
  13. Sorry for delayed response. I really hate posting hair pictures because like I said before, very self-conscious about it. I've taken finasteride for about 15 years and decided I want to take dutasteride instead beginning in January but I didn't want to just switch all of a sudden, especially the same year I am doing hair transplant, so I decided I was going to take both for a year and then drop finasteride at the end of this year. I haven't decided if I am going to take dutasteride every day at that point or not. Here are some updated pictures. Some of them aren't the clearest but I dread taking these so don't want to redo ha. This is at the 3.5 month mark. Much better growth the past two weeks. Still a very very long ways to go but hopefully the next 8 months goes well. Still lots of redness but it has gone down some the past few weeks (my forehead is red because I was wearing a hat). Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  14. You need to get on a plane to Turkey and have a 5,000 graft mega-session immediately. Obviously kidding but I'm guessing this is a one and done poster anyways. You are young. I'm no doctor but maybe start on a low dose 0.5mg of finasteride every day- but know that if your start taking it, you can NEVER stop.
  15. Wow, looking good from what I can tell. You are way ahead of my growth (we were there the same day). I think you are going to have a success in six months. I hardly have ANY growth so far and it is still very red. Does your hair normally grow fast? I think we are on similar regimes (proscar, MSM, biotin, palmetto) except I'm still using minoxidil once per day. Mine normally grows somewhat slow and I have pale skin so hoping that's all it is. I'll update my thread in a few days.