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  1. Congrats, looks amazing! Can't believe it's already been two years to the date since your first one.
  2. Awesome, looks great! Look forward to seeing your next update! I'm still pretty happy with my transplant when I was there with you your first time. There are areas of course I wish were thicker/better and I have to have it styled properly but I've very happy I did the transplant.
  3. Looks good....Just curious, did it seem like a lot of the same employees were there from your first procedure? Did you have different technicians this time?
  4. I can see where you would want it better in certain areas but from the pictures I do not see a reason to be "not happy" with the results. While mine too could definitely use more density in certain areas, I've been very happy with it. Are they doing the second transplant for free?
  5. I'm surprised nobody responded. This seems like a great result from what I can tell. Comparing your pre picture to these pictures and it looks like a total success. Did you see much growth after the 10 month mark? That's where I'm at now after asmed.
  6. I have similar problems as you- very weak behind the hairline, especially on my left side. Though with mine, if I try to wear my hair down like yours the empty area looks super obvious. The only way it looks decent is if i wear it straight up in the front with hair spray almost creating a wall with the hairline and coming other hair over so you can't easily see the empty area. Your's looks great in the pics when it is down I'm still hoping mine is going to improve over the next 3 months but I'm losing hope. Like yours, I don't think mine is a botched failure, but I think it should b
  7. I had my procedure 7 months ago. It took me 3 MONTHS before I was willing to show my head at work and that was with me applying makeup. No clue how you all could return 3-4 weeks "unnoticed".
  8. Thanks for updating. Yours looks great in some pics, iffy in others (lighting I’m sure is a big part of that as you mentioned). i think it looks much better than your before pics so it is definitely not going to be a failure, it just may not be as dense as you are hoping for. I’m pretty happy with mine SO FAR however I definitely have a density issue behind one side of my hairline. When I style it properly, I think it looks pretty good but if I don’t have it styled with hair spray it can look sparse in that area. I think we both need to hope for the best over the next fe
  9. I had mine done at Asmed in March. So far at 7 months I’m happy though I’m definitely hoping for some improvement the next 5 months. Just realize that everybody’s body is different and will react differently to a hair transplant. Even the best doctors have bad transplants. It also come down to cost. If you have a lot of money, then there is no reason to go to a place like ASMED but rather a more high end surgeon that will do most the surgery himself or at least in the room with the technicians for most of it. But ASMED was less than half than what I would have paid for a top docto
  10. I think the first problem here is how aggressive they allowed you to go on lowering the hairline. Very difficult to lower a hairline that much and look natural. They set you up for failure.
  11. I recommend finding the surgeon with the absolute longest wait list as you don't need to have another surgery anytime soon.
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