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  1. You need to get on a plane to Turkey and have a 5,000 graft mega-session immediately. Obviously kidding but I'm guessing this is a one and done poster anyways. You are young. I'm no doctor but maybe start on a low dose 0.5mg of finasteride every day- but know that if your start taking it, you can NEVER stop.
  2. Wow, looking good from what I can tell. You are way ahead of my growth (we were there the same day). I think you are going to have a success in six months. I hardly have ANY growth so far and it is still very red. Does your hair normally grow fast? I think we are on similar regimes (proscar, MSM, biotin, palmetto) except I'm still using minoxidil once per day. Mine normally grows somewhat slow and I have pale skin so hoping that's all it is. I'll update my thread in a few days.
  3. The recipient was mostly bald, I have a "U" receding hairline. I will try to take some better pictures at the three month mark. Here are a couple of my pictures before the transplant.
  4. Get off your high horse. The guy posted one picture which shows an extremely bizarre result. If I was in that position I would want people telling me so I could immediately discuss with the doctor or post more pictures. This isn’t a therapy website, people need to be more blunt sometimes. And bizarre was me being nice.
  5. Stop trying to reason with him, it is a waste of time.
  6. Stop obsessing. What happens in 5-10 years when you lose more hair? You hardly have any grafts left. 40 year old you wants to smack you out of considering another transplant anytime remotely soon. The whole "i want to look good in my 20's" is an immature attitude. Looking good in your 30's will be equally important to you in a few years.
  7. I was going to post something similar to his comment about hoping the worst of his baldness already occurred at age 27. I'm going back with my statement that you are unstable in regards to your hair. You are also in denial. Unless your dad and your granddad have extremely full heads of hair and your hairloss to date was an anomaly , you are going to lose a lot more. People on here are going to be nice to you but wake up man, you have very few grafts left. You need to just let it play out, enjoy the next few years, and then make a decision then. Under no circumstance should you be doing another hair transplant next year at the age of 28.
  8. I'm starting to think you are a bit unstable in regards to hair transplants: You are only six months into your ASMED hair transplant, this is at least your second transplant, you have used 7000 grafts, and you are only 27. After six months you are already implying your ASMED was a failure and are searching hard for your next surgeon. Come on man, you need to wait a couple years before you make any more decisions on a surgery.
  9. I'm impressed by how many hairs you have on the recipient area. I hardly have any. You had asked somewhere else that I provide pictures of my status because were at ASMED on the same day. Here is a link to my thread (it's not as well documented as yours): https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/forum/15-hair-restoration-results-posted-by-patients/
  10. I'm at the exact 2 month mark of ASMED. The redness has gone down slightly over the past couple weeks when it was really bad. It is still very obvious as I have super pale skin. Regimen: minoxidil foam once per day Finasteride Dutasteride (every other day) 7500 biotin MSM Saw Palmetto I also just started using the iRestore hair laser three times per week. (I'm sure this is a scam but o'well). I think the hairline is a bit more aggressive than I wanted but it's hard to select your hairline in the 15 minutes during your exam with Dr Erdogan. I just hope it all grows in! I'm pretty insecure when it comes to taking these ugly duckling pics....
  11. I'm hoping you all turn out well because I am only at the 2 months post asmed mark. I certainly agree this isn't a good result behind the hairline, it's just hard to really grasp it with those pictures of the hair in weird directions. It's not just about the money, this is a major life issue for most of us trying to deal with this through work. The lengthy travel, shaving of the head, months of redness, constantly wearing hats, constantly looking in the mirror for growth etc. Right now I have no reason to complain as it is too early, but have a feeling I am going to be in the same position in 6 months as you all.
  12. It obviously looks very gappy in these pictures but the way you have your hair styled in these pictures is weird. Do you really wear your hair like that in public? The picture you posted on Saturday "getting out of bed" post looks better than the way you have it styled in these.
  13. Thanks for providing all the pictures. There is definitely lots of room for improvement but you still have about 5 months (13 month mark) left before you can ultimately decide on the result. I don't think you are going to drastically improve in that amount of time, but hopefully enough to where it doesn't look so sparse in those areas behind the hairline. I still think it is already a drastic improvement from your pre-op pics.