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  1. True but at the same time if anyone can register an account and use their first post to make a generic review of a clinic without any beneficial details or pictures it affects the credibility of this site.
  2. I think I made a really bad mistake this morning. I am 34 days out of my transplant and after getting out of the shower I was very gently brushing my hair back with a somewhat soft tip brush for just a minute or two to spike it up a little. Also figured it would help massage the recipient area a little. Then i started bleeding in a couple spots where new grafts are. Needless to say I'm really paranoid i did some damage. I know grafts are generally secure 10 days out but why would I bleed this easily and in multiple spots? I attached a picture of the brush, there aren't any missing bristles (sharp points). Definitively won't be doing that again but any thoughts? I've been extremely cautious since the hair transplant but this does not seem good.
  3. I guess I am confused that bases on those pre-op pictures why you even needed a hair transplant. You mentioned you were insecure about your hairline, most of us would love your pre-op (at least based on the pics above).
  4. I’m still confused, are all of those pre op pictures?
  5. Based on their website, that cost you $23,200. That's a pretty penny but by the looks of the hairline appears to be well worth it (assuming you didn't go into debt for it). Your thick hair seems to make you a perfect candidate. I don't think those scars are a result of H&W bad work, appears something more about your specific donor area.
  6. I don't know what I'm looking at in these photos and they are just about all grainy.
  7. Go away, you aren't one of us anymore 🤣 jk, looks amazing!
  8. I'm sure there will be some Asmed naysayers (some of which seem justified) come along shortly but this looks very impressive to me for 6 months! What do your friends, family, coworkers say?
  9. I think these pictures go to show that you can really manipulate hair transplant pictures to show progress.. Hair combed certain ways, hair parted certain ways, hair length, different lighting, different angles etc. Some of your pictures look impressive then some others not so much. You still have 5-6 months though so I think you will be good.
  10. I had mine done there three weeks ago. You guys are stressing me out!!!!!😬
  11. Yea something seems off with these before/after pictures
  12. Yours is tough to evaluate before/after because you had very good hair to start with (at least for a hair transplant patient). It seems it is getting better based on the last pictures, though I'm sure it is not where you want it at.
  13. xadiohead

    ASMED 14 Jan 2019 - 2800 Grafts

    Impressive for 2.5 months!