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  1. Thx a lot bro. That's great to hear and thankfully my donor and sides seems to be strong/stable too. Worst case scenario if fin doesn't do much, I'll still be able to get a relatively small HT and good results :)
  2. Indeed and it appears to be only on the front... So be it coincidence or (early) triggering of MPB by using it.. It is what it is.
  3. Indeed. Be it coincidence or not. I've used product for relaxing hair or better known as 'keratine' treatment but without usage of hair iron... I should've been smarter and not listen ly mom and some friends... The price I pay is now losing my youth and curls for 6 months of straight hair yuy... Anyway I'm going to try solve it instead of going in negative spiral.
  4. That only gives me hope bro. I'll definitely post updates how it goes in the future.
  5. True and I'm not too young anymore for fin I think. And dht seems to be high in theory if I check my beard haha. I'm going to use it. Let's hope it gives me good results (but realistic of course).
  6. Thank you. I'll get derm appointment to hop on fin. It's sad for everyone. I wouldn't even wish it to my worst enemy... Hopefully hair cloning will solve it.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been lurking some time +-3 months here and thought it's better to start requesting help from experienced people around here. Now let's come to the topic. As the title states, I'm almost 25 years old(in June birthday). And I started to think about hair transplant. But I'm not sure if it's good idea.. So my hair has drastically changed in a couple of years. The most visible change happened +-6 months ago.. Let me give a short summary of hair state in my life: - Born with big curly hair - Kept sleek looking and dense hair (so no hair fall thoughts) until about September 2018... As you can see in the attachments. My hair changed in texture. I had used without any knowledge hair relaxer on my scalp. This was done 2 times. It gave me cool looking result. No more curly and different style options.. Unfortunately it seems that by using that chemical poison, I've for triggered hair loss. It looked less great with time. It started to look like straw/hay, dry hair... And on top of that all those years since my birth I never did use any conditioner. Only shampoo until of course I started researching hair loss etc. Now here comes the big part.... I used minoxidil for about 3 months. I didn't like using it. So I stopped using it. And of course, I shredded a lot... It's been now about 6 months ago that I last used minoxidil. And the hair looks crap as you can see... This week, I started using zinc, biotin and saw palmetto. So maybe it will get better with time (2-3 months) later? Or am I just waiting for nothing, and just go with hair transplant and/or finastride?