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  1. Thanks for that however I’d never want to be bald, I really enjoy the sharp hairline look. Might use toppik and dermaroll for a couple years
  2. I mean yeah it’s okay but those temple corners piss me off so much, not even sure what to do besides a transplant. And I don’t want sides from fin
  3. I actually just ordered some fibers to use while I work with minoxidil and dermarolling. Hmmm that’s true he does kind of look like Stephen A, on a rough estimate how many transplants do you think I’d be in for if he was my worst case
  4. Hey all I’m 23 and since I was 17 the temples of my hairline have receded and I have very minimal crown loss . I’ve been using minoxidil with dermarolling for the last 3 months on my hairline but all I can see are very tiny vellus hairs along my hairline. However for the past couple days I’ve been having day long migraines and I suspect it might be the minoxidil so I’m stopping use until around next week. This is Me Side Angles As you can see my temples are fairly receded and if I were to fill them out straight across I would have a relatively normal hairline for a black man Now the general consensus for getting hair transplants at this age is to not do it because they can look worse as you age. Everyone recommends fin however I don’t want to live my life in fear of side or of the crash so I’ve decided against it. And also, my family on my mothers side has a history of balding primarily on the hairline. Not sure about my fathers side , my dad is bald however . Now these are my uncles on my mothers side , all of these pictures are taken between the ages of 30-50ish Uncle 1 Uncle 2 Uncle 3 And this is the only uncle I could find on my fathers side, here is his hairline Now as you can see the guys on my mothers side have fairly receded temples with their widows peak stop being pretty far out. They’re not slick bald but they’ve chosen the bald look which is cool for them but not something I want to do. Looking at their hairlines and mine would you advise getting a transplant at my age? I don’t mind getting a couple throughout my lifetime and I’m actually scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Diep next month.