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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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  1. Yes, exactly. I think Melvin does a great job on this site informing people of what realistic goals and expectations are when it comes to HT. And that's important as HTs are a heavy investment of time, money and mental energy. People like Max don't bother me as I don't post here to get affirmation. I got my HTs for myself and so that's all I'm concerned about. But I think its really helpful to post honest experiences and results so others can see and learn about the various possible outcomes - both positive and maybe not so positive. I feel fortunate that my experiences were all positive and I wish the same for all here. Thanks for your feedback, pkipling. Cheers!
  2. Thanks Fluffhead (great name!). Yeah, I'm really happy with the way its all turned out. I think I'm done now. Funny about my back. I never really noticed it. I mostly run and bike but push some weights too so they apparently are doing something. Hope yer good!
  3. Thanks Voxman. Its all good here. I'm through the ugly ducklin phase and for sure like Melvin said, I'd be a full on Norwood 5 or 6 by now. Cheers!
  4. Yeah, thanks! Its all good. Maxmillian is either a troll or just completely clueless. I have essentially a full head of hair and the illusion of good density. Of course, I don't have my original density. That wouldn't be possible. Still have months of growth ahead but if it all stopped right now, I'm extremely happy, especially considering where I started many years back.
  5. Maximillian, you seem to be having a hard time understanding here. The pics you chose were 1 month after having my head shaved for my third surgery. That shouldn't be too difficult to grasp. Here's where I am four months out with the real growth just starting. Do you have any questions?
  6. Yeah, what he said. Had my head shaved for last surgery. That was the hardest part, ha! Happy as hell right now.
  7. If you look at where I started and where I am now, it's a pretty crazy transformation. When I go through old pics or video of myself from 15 years ago, it reminds me of really how much Dr. Konior did for me. I was really bald and would be completely so today had I done nothing. I was lucky to find him when he wasn't quite as known as he is now (he was one of the closest docs to me who was recommended on this forum). I almost got suckered in by docs who would have really messed me up so it really does pay to do your research, take your time, and make a good decision. I paid way more than I ever thought I would or could but I did it over 12 years and made a few sacrifices along the way. I don't regret a thing. I do feel extremely fortunate though because HTs are definitely a luxury. I also am happy in that I never took propecia or used minixidil outside of the four months after each surgery (to encourage early growth). Those choices are not the right ones for everyone for many valid reasons but they have been for me.
  8. Donor area totally recovered. Konior is a magician. He does most of the surgery himself and he’s a perfectionist. Recovery was crazy fast and easy.
  9. Coming along well! I'm at 4.5 months out now and I'm already really pleased. I can go out in the wind now and have my hair blow around and its just fine. That's fun. I assume I still have a fair amount of growth coming ahead so that's more fun. Here are some 4 month shots (first two) and shots from today - 4.5 months out (last two):
  10. Dr. Konior totally transformed me, that's for sure. Been a long and fun ride. This is it for me now. I'll live with any imperfections from here on out.
  11. June - 3 Months Post Op. Crown supposedly takes longer to grow in but now I'm starting to see some real progress already. With a little hair fiber, I look like I have all my hair back. Kinda crazy and cool. Long way to go but I'm really happy with where I am so early. I can go out now with no fibers in and hair looks fine. Just starting to thicken now. I'm a runner and I love that I can now run without a hat on and the wind blowing doesn't expose a bald area. Next couple of months going to be fun. If I look back at where I started years ago (see my blog page), its a crazy big difference. Long journey, more money spent than I ever thought I would spend, but I had one of the best docs in the world and I've been incredibly happy with the results.
  12. May - Two Months Post-op. Front coming back so face is framed again.
  13. These two pics are immediate post-op pics. Surgery was a breeze. I experienced no pain at all. None during and none post-op. As usual, Dr. Konior's work is ridiculously clean. Hated the shaved head and it took a lot longer to grow some coverage back than I would have liked but that's the price you pay. Pandemic hit so I have been working at home since the surgery. Ideal situation to get through the ugly duckling phase.
  14. Ok, this is probably overdue. Been more busier than I thought I would be. The attached pics are my situation before my last surgery with Dr. Konoir in March 2020. Approximately 1,600 FUE to address crown and shore up my part areas. Two pics I took the day before surgery and two pics from day of surgery in Dr. Konior's office.