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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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  1. Definitely happy. Spent a lot but went to one of the best and it was worth it.
  2. This is an interesting and helpful thread here. I think each situation is a little different and therefore requires a specific plan, discussed thoroughly between the patient and doctor. I had my HTs when I was older so I didn't really have to save a ton of grafts for later. I needed them all right away! : ) Well, not exactly. But it made sense to go as big as I could each time since my pattern was well established. I did think two sessions would be sufficient but I ended up losing some more native hair through the years and had to go for a smaller third session. My thinking is if you go FUE before FUT, you thin out your donor, making an eventual FUT yield not as high. If you do FUT first and then do FUE later, you still have hair density back there where the doctor can pick and choose the best grafts for the job at hand. I'm not a doctor though so I'm sure its more complicated than that. Again, I think the answer is to have a long term plan and assume you will need more than one (or even two) procedures.
  3. For sure FUT diminishes your elasticity. But so what? I had two FUTs, which maxed out my elasticity. Then I went for a final FUE. That combination definitely maximized the number of grafts I could use and transformed my head from very bald to almost completely not bald now. My hair isn't super dense but it just looks like I have a mostly full head of hair with only a slight age-appropriate balding at the swirl on my crown - a dramatic and life changing transformation. The FUT surgeries were definitely tougher than my last FUE, which was a breeze. But I figured if I was going to spend major money, time and energy pursuing HTs, it was well worth it to maximize the gain. Never had any problem with the FUT scar either. Good luck to you!
  4. I had three procedures. First was just to address frontal third. Second was to shore up frontal third and address the crown. Last was to shore up my part and pour more grafts into the black hole of the crown. I haven't updated my profile to show results of third procedure yet (I'll get to it eventually) but you can check out my first two results following the link in my signature line. I had FUT first two times and then FUE the last go around and I don't regret it as I think it maximized my donor grafts. The strategy to address the front first is sound as that's what people see when they look at you. It frames the face again, which is huge. The rest is mostly hair greed and frosting on the cake. Good luck!
  5. I concur with aaron1234. Everyone's first HT is definitely a surreal experience. For my first HT, I couldn't really believe I was going through with it and each of my 3 HTs felt surreal. Was I really going to spend this much money on a surgical procedure for something that was not guaranteed? Looking back from where I am now though, I'm really glad I bit the bullet and did it. I took some control over something that was affecting my life negatively and I'm super happy about it now. If you've done your research and have reasonable expectations (read: you likely won't ever have super thick original density but the illusion is impressive and amazingly impactful), then you're good to go. Good luck on your journey!
  6. You appear to be starting where I started. I had three surgeries (2 FUT and a FUE) for a total of about 6,700 grafts over 11 years. It's possible I had better (e.g more and thicker caliber) donor hair but you'd need several consultations with good doctors to determine that. My head is looking pretty different these days.
  7. My doctor was Dr. Konior in Chicago. And yes, when I look at pics of where I started, its hard to believe. I see pictures of myself from 20 years ago and it really is quite shocking. I've so gotten use to having decent hair now that i've forgotten how far I've come. When I started on the HT route, really out of desperation, I wasn't convinced that it wasn't all a bit of hucksterism. Dr. Konior quickly dispelled me of that notion.
  8. Speaking for myself, looking back on my life I think I've generally spent way too much time trying to change the way I look to please or attract others instead of working on my personality and focusing on being a genuinely nice person that attracts others for that reason. The bald or balding men that I know mostly do the latter and are extremely popular and successful.
  9. My HTs definitely made me feel more confident which helped my dating life and for sure helped me professionally. More importantly, I like what I see staring back now when I look in the mirror. In a way though, I feel like I took the easy way out as looks are definitely not anywhere near as important as personality. I have bald friends who are amazingly confident and ass kickers in life.
  10. I have no concealers or fibers in in those pics. After my second surgery, I could at first just use a little dash and I would look like I had a thick full head of hair. As the years went on, I started having to use more and more. I run and swim and it was starting to get to be a hassle and that's what pushed me for my third procedure. Before this last procedure, my hair on top was a bit thicker and after being completely shaved down, it's taking awhile for that to come back. And definitely, if I'm in bright overhead lighting, you can see some thinness. That actually doesn't bother me. I'm 53 so I'm not really supposed to have a thick mane of hair like ateenager. Having full coverage with no dome showing and a decent hairline is pretty much nirvana for me, again especially considering where I started. I'm only at 5 months out from my last procedure so we'll see what the next couple of months bring. I'm very satisfied right now though. And James C, it was so long ago now, I can't really remember what Dr. Konior and I discussed around my first pass. He told me what a first pass would accomplish - mainly framing my face well - which makes a huge difference in one's appearance. Before the surgery, I think I was thinking I'd be thrilled at just that. But of course that hair greed kicks in after you get a good result and you see what the possibilities are in the hands of a good surgeon like Konior. I think I needed to really be convinced that HTs could actually be done well. Once I experienced that, I was all in. This forum was has really been an excellent resource as it does educate you and make you understand that HTs really are an illusion. Somebody looking at and interacting with me now sees a person seemingly with a full head of hair (as do I when I look in the mirror). But if someone got real close and really examined my hair, for sure they'd see that it isn't super thick or perfect. The skill and artistry of the surgeon really comes into play when using hair angles to create layering, which creates an illusion of thickness.
  11. All three of my surgeries were with Dr. Konior. No minox or propecia ever, for better or worse. Konior worked some magic with me, considering where I started:
  12. For what its worth, here is my crown journey. Just for reference, first pic is where I started before I had 3 transplants over 11 years. First pass was 2,900 graft FUT to restore hairline. 2nd pass a little over a year later was 2,400 graft FUT to shore up hairline and part and address the crown. In March of this year, I had a 1,600 graft FUE to address the crown black hole and shore up the part. Crowns take a lot of grafts to get good coverage and a lot depends on your hair and skin characteristics as well as the skill of the doctor, obviously. First pic is where I started from. Second pic is after the first FUT. Third pic is the final result of my second FUT. 4th is where I ended up 9 years later (with no minoxidil or Propecia). And finally, the last two is where I am today, 5 months out of my most recent FUE crown surgery.
  13. Yes, exactly. I think Melvin does a great job on this site informing people of what realistic goals and expectations are when it comes to HT. And that's important as HTs are a heavy investment of time, money and mental energy. People like Max don't bother me as I don't post here to get affirmation. I got my HTs for myself and so that's all I'm concerned about. But I think its really helpful to post honest experiences and results so others can see and learn about the various possible outcomes - both positive and maybe not so positive. I feel fortunate that my experiences were all positive and I wish the same for all here. Thanks for your feedback, pkipling. Cheers!
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