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  1. Thanks, two weeks ago i started minoxi again. yeah, it is growing good so far for this stage. I don't consider my growth, fast, but between 2-3 i saw lots of new hairs. you don't have any new growth? odd.... but, I saw ppl start to grow at 6 months so nothing out of the ordinary yet. i have brown hair and white skin so the you can see it better.
  2. Hey guys! it's 3 months mark! (almost 2 days left) There is a major improvement from month 2. The hair is still not dense enough of course but I'm only at 3 months, so I have a lot of growth time left. The photos I upload here are focused at the temples, so you can judge the growth, but I'm not going like this outside. I'm wearing it down so it looks much better than the pics I upload here (I attached a pic with the hair down). the middle of the hairline growth is falling behind the temples, dunno why, I hope it will catch up soon. Still continue with the regime. what do you think of the growth rate so far?
  3. Hey, looks good so far. The pics are low quality so I can't tell if there is any new growth. was the recipient area totaly bald? if you don't have new growth it's completely normal for this stage. I can tell you from my experience that every time I see redness in certain area 2-3 days later i can see a new hair popping out, so keep that in mind. my recipient area was completely bald so I don't have to question whether it is native or HT hair. I don't think your hairline is aggressive at all, it's completely natural. but I am biased, I like aggressive hairline and that is what I asked for. keep updating
  4. Hey everybody, 2 months update. Most of the hair has shedded. from a far the temples look empty and sick. But closer look I can see a lot of new hairs (look closely at the pics) It's a bit early for growth, maybe because all the supplements I take, maybe not.
  5. I'm using it on transplanted hair only (the transplant was on a completely bald areas). So I guess that is not a problem for me. some doctors say that minoxi makes hair grow faster and stronger because the grafts get more nutrition. so using minoxi on the HT hair should show you results a month earlier, so they say.
  6. I read that on the forum, as well, but it doesn't make any sense. minoxidil is a hair growth product and not hair loss product. If it causes shedding, why on earth it got FDA approve for hair loss?
  7. and did you follow those instructions? when did notice hair growth?
  8. Thank you! I read that sometimes minoxidil may cause shedding of the HT hair, is it based? My clinic did not instruct me to take minoxidil. the Dr said that if I want to use it, I can use the foam after 1 month and liquid after 6 months (because liquid has a higher chance to cause redness).
  9. What do you guys thinking about Minoxidil use after HT? I've never used it before. I read that it can accelerate the growth process in about a month. I also read here in the forum that it can also harm HT (don't know how). I have been using it for 20 days now 2 timed a day. I really don't know whether I should stop or not. I don't want to do anything that can slightly harm my HT, even if it means longer (or normal) ugly duckling phase. Any advice/thoughts?
  10. hey, I had HT about 40 days ago. I have started to use minoxidil on the transplanted area after 23 days. had anyone done that and live to tell about it? is it safe? the doctor says it is ok. also online doctor says it is ok and can speed up the growth prosses. but i red a lot in the forum, that it can damage the HT hair. any thoughts?
  11. Hey everybody, this is a 1-month post update (the photos below were taken at 30 days mark at least). The situation is dire, almost 90% of the transplanted hair has been shedding. I guess I need to look in the mirror and welcome with a heavy heart the ugly duckling phase :) The shedding in one temple is worst than the other - can't really explain why. I don't know if you guys can see it in the pics. but there are small hairs sprouting out, I'm having a hard time to believe these are newly grown hairs after only 1 month. maybe slow growing hairs from the HT, we will see in time. Another thing, As I'm suffering through this ugly duckling phase, I decided I am going to do what ever I can to accelerate the prosses. So I'm going to share with you guys the medication/supplements/shampoos I'm using, tell me what you think: 1. of course Propecia ( actually Proscar which I split 4 ways - I got a year supply from ASMED clinic). 2. minoxidil 5% foam - started at day 28 and will continue using it for 5 months (I don't like, never used it, but it helps growth so I will try just about anything). the clinic says not to use minoxidil solution (only after 6 months for it causes skin irritation, unlike minoxidil foam) 3. Nizoral shampoo 2/3 times a week (started after 5 weeks) 4. Sebamed anti-hair loss shampoo (with caffeine) for the days I'm not using Nizoral. 5. maxi hair supplements - which contains Biotin, MSM and a lot of different types of vitamins for hair growths. 6. saw palmetto + pumpkin seed oil The pics:
  12. Hey, 10 days have passed since the HT. The donor zone completely healed - no redness, no scars. I feel itchiness though. It seems that they did a good job on the extraction phase. The density is lower in the transplanted area relative to the native hair, but I guess once the hair will grow and given that most of the grafts are 2+ hairs, it will look ok, but we will see. Also the transplanted zone in totaly numb. I don't know if this is normal. I'll ask the clinic. After day 6 my face returned to normal. pics (HD + flash + florecent light - so no cover ups :)):
  13. Hey mate, great result! really! i was at asmed 8 days ago. I had the same area +hair line+temples as yours. I hope ill get good results as you
  14. looking great. just got back from ASMED also. If i'll have density like yours i would be very happy
  15. Hey everyone,I am 34 years old. My main issue with my hair (or lack of it ) is my deep temporal recession (as you can see in the pictures attached). The temples have been receding ever since I was 22. in the age of 26 or so, I have started to take propecia. the treatment pretty much stopped the receding and it is stable for the past 6-7 years.It has always been my dream to have a hair transplant, but because I am very sensitive to ppl and work colleagues seeing me after the transplant and with no hair. I postponed the hair transplant as much as I could. I managed to get 4-5 months leave from work, so I'm hoping I'll have some hair by the time I have to go back to work.Estimations I gotbased on the pictures I sent I got an estimation from Dr. Koray 3800-4000 50 grafts per cm2Dr. koray estimation was the highest from all the clinics I have contacted, but I saw it as a good thing - it's because he plans to cover more of the scalp with hair and for better density. given my current hair loss stage and the fact, the hair loss has stopped for the last 6 years - I was cool with his estimation. Choosing a hair transplant Dr I liked the results of Dr Koray, and I love his hairlines designs, as I like more relatively aggressive hairline (and not the "half circle", most sergeants do).Another plus for ASMED, is my great personal patient coordinator, Suzana. unlike other clinics, I got from Suzana very thorough and quick answers to my questions. she was very patient with me even though I had A LOT of questions. sometimes she misses a few of my questions, but overall she is super helpful, nice and provided me with all the answers I needed - And most importantly she made me feel like someone is with me throughout the process which is very important to me, As I'm doing the procedure in a foreign country.First day - consultationI arrived in Istanbul at 09:00 (12.3.19). ASMED driver waited for me at the airport as Suzana said he would. I checked in the hotel, which is located 2 min walk from the clinic. then ASMED driver waited for me at 12:00 to take me to the clinic (it was raining so I used this service ). Suzana welcomed me at the entrance and then I had some blood tests & heart rate checks. then I got photos of my current state. Afterward, I met DR. Koray he is a very nice person, he saw that my temples area was thin and asked me if I would like to transplant in that area as well to make it denser, I said yes and then he changed the grafts number for hair transplant from 4000 to 4300. he said that I have a good donor zone, and can reach 48 grafts per cm2, and that my average hair per graft ration is 1.9 (he wasn't far it was 2.13 according to his machine analysis). then he drew a hairline he thought is good for me, it was ok but I wanted it a little bit lower and the temples with a little less angle. he said we will consider it after the head shave - only then and after the grafts analysis he can know my actual current state and we will decide together.So, they shaved my head, took a few pictures (shaved) and then I went to this machine that supposed to count the grafts and hairs from the entire head.then we went back to DR he agreed to do the changes I wanted. in the room there where like 5 very pretty girls, he drew the new line (with the tweaks I requested) and each gave her input. the whole prosses took 4 min or so. then I looked in the mirror and was happy with that hairline. the whole prosses took around 8 hours (i waited for the Dr consultation around 3 hours) I got to the hotel at 17:00, with the hairline drawn on my shaved head. I should say that breakfast is served at the hotel and lunch and dinner is served at the clinic. operation day 1+2I got a really professional team (jasmin). I used the iPad they gave me as a mirror to see her work. she seemed very professional.I didn't feel the anesthetics at all and slept half the surgery.after the extraction (that was made by jasmin) i had lunch and got back to the incision part which is done by the Dr himself. when that part is finished jasmin continued to the implanting fase.the second day repeated itself.after the first operation day my face was doubled in size and after the second one, it tripled! I look now like a giant balloon.operation details1st day - hairline and temples - 2400 grafts.2nd day - 1929 grafts'density - 48 grafts per cm572 - Singels2733 Doubles900 - Triples118 - Quadruple6 - QuintpuleHair/grafts ratio 2.13pictures before the HT: pictures after the HT (swollen face): 2 days post op. close up: