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  1. Yes indeed i saw also very good result from the indian doctor , but the problem is the distance , its about 7 or 8 hours flight from here and with the calculation of the airplane ticket from europe to India , at the end the price will be almost the same or maybe more , in comparison with the price in Turkey .
  2. Hello to All , My name is Amin (35 years old) and living in Belgium. I am new on this site . I'm suffering from the genetically baldness - norwood 6 -7 I have had twice hair transplant procedures( both in Iran) a few years ago. The first method was FUT Procedure(strip method about 10 years ago ) , to fix the hair line as well as the temples , but it was disappointing. This proocedure went wrong , It gave me very unnatural and plugy hairline even people from a far distance could realize easily that I had a hair transplant procedure , which was so uncomfortable for me. So four years later, when I went through the second hair transplant , this time I chose the fue method (because I did not want to have an other scar on my head) This time, I decided to ask for the hair line repair and give the density to the mid-scalp . The result was almost satisfying however at that time all the procedure was done by technician and unfortunatelly they damaged my donnor area because by overharvesting the hair specially from both sides on my head , therefore i can not have the short hair cut any more .( as you can see in the photos ) that time I havent had enough information about the hair transplant procedure as i have right now , i was so young and i wanted to have just a head full of hair like the other guys at my age and i made a bad decision to choose a clinic and physicians . Right now , due to the two procedures and current situation of my donnor area , i am so hesitating and a bit sensitive for selecting the clinic for third time , it should take it to the consideration that the big majority of my donnor area specially on both sides of my head , has been already used , however i have a good beard and body hair and still there are some grafts available on the back of my hear , therefore this time i can not make a mistake and i have to choose wisely Right now , in my hair line the native hair are already gone and it made me to feel that i need to go under another transplant procedure to increase little bit the density of hair line and From the other hand , i started to lose hair on crown and vertex area , which has to be covered as wel1 . But due to the fact that the big majority of my donner specially on both sides of my head has been used , then probably i need to have a combined procedure (BHT and HT ) to give a good density to my head so as i mentioned before i have a hairy chest and also thick beard which could be probably a good option for having a combined procedure of Body hair transplant and hair transplant . I have to mention that i have been usuing Minoxidile 5´% since a long time ago also Nizoral shampoo. In Belgium , there are some good physicians with a high work quality and good reputation ( Like Dr, Bisanga , Dr fereiduni , DR LAPUNZALA , Dr devroy and etc ...) But the cost of HT with them is so high and i can not effort it right now , due to my financial situation , therefore i started to search alot on the differents website and forums and finally i reached to the fact that Turkey might be a good option for me . Between the doctor who are doing the HR in Turkey i reached to the big name like DR Erdogan , but due to the fact that he is a selective Doctor , so i am not sure if he can accept my case I read lots of good review about Doctor Ali emre karadenize , who showed a lot of good results and good reviews. with reasonable price i would like to ask you for helping me to choose a good physicians and if anybody had already procedure done by Dr Karadenize or another one , i would be glad to hear his recommendation and opinions Any kind of recommendation would be highly appreciated Please check my photos and tell me how many grafts are still available on my head and how many grafts do i need in my case? Kind regards