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  1. Hi everyone, In this video, I continue to track the progress of my Hair Growth & Thickness using a Hair Loss Treatment with CBD Hemp Seed Oil in this 7 Month Review.
  2. Have you all seen the latest Hair Transplant Clinic by Fútbol Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. *If you don´t understand you can Auto-Translate the Subtitles by clicking the Settings Gear Icon on the bottom of the video.
  3. I started losing my hair at 19 and have tried so many things, Saw Palmetto, Collagen Supplements, Essential Oils, Biotin...etc. however I have found that Hemp CBD Oil has and continues to give me the best results.Check out this short video in which I discuss my hair health and growth over the last 5 1/2 months.
  4. I used to take Biotin as well and I also noticed that my hair and nails did grow quicker. Biotin seemed to work almost better for my nails, eventually it wasn´t enough to stop my thinning hair or baldness. My female friend also tried taking it, but she also noted that her hair all over her body grew in much quicker (legs, armpits) that she stopped taking it as it became more work for her, more shaving and the personal body care. Personally, right now I am seeing better results with Hemp CBD Oil.
  5. When I was much younger I used to take Saw Palmetto and it did help me to delay my thinning hair and hair loss, however over time either due to genetics, my diet or both - eventually it stopped being that effective as I aged and I began to investigate stronger options. Recently, I actually stumbled upon Hemp CBD Oil and the truth is it seems to work even better than Saw Palmetto ever did for me. The good thing about Saw Palmetto, I had absolutely no side effects.
  6. Has Anyone Else Had Success With Hemp CBD Oil? Just my quick backstory: After initially employing CBD Oil as part of a night time, anti-aging facial routine, I noticed what appeared to be new hairs sprouting from the top of my head, near to where I had been applying the serum. At the same time surprised and excited, I decided to see what would happen if I applied CBD Oil daily to my scalp, would I indeed see my Thinning Hair come in thicker and fuller, could CBD Oil potentially be used to Stop Hair Loss and potentially even help assist to Regrow Hair? These are all questions I am currentl
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