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  1. I understand where you're coming from. Diep has produced some of the most mind bending results I've ever seen which is why Im still strongly considering him. I'm pretty sure I just saw a patient on here who's donor was depleted by Diep in a small-medium procedure and ended up going to Nadimi after getting a poor yield. My opinion is that Dieps donors look significantly worse post op, and that the scarring is more obvious once healed.
  2. This. Why waste time doing multiple procedures when you can knock everything out in one shot? If you're insecure about your hairline, get it done.. if not I would leave it.. It looks great for your age. I would be focused on doing the entire crown.
  3. Been doing a lot of research into FUE surgeons, and Dr. Diep seems to be one of the only ones that has delivered extremely impressive results on black curly hair. I've seen results from other clinics on black hair, but none of them have given me that "wow" factor that Diep has delivered on several patients. Besides this, I'm not completely sold on Diep. His punch size , year plus waitlist, and reports that would question his ethics (bait and switching customers, donor depletion, not fixing bad results), and increasing prices have put me off a bit. In fact, if I was white or asian, he wouldn't even be on my list at all. None of the top/elite FUE surgeons talked about on this site have results for black curly hair on their websites, besides Diep obviously. Are there any users out there that have black curly hair that can share success stories at other clinics? I'll also mention that I'm not interested at all in FUT.
  4. So $8.5 / graft? Someone on a different forum said he quoted near $10 / graft but there must have been a confusion or something.
  5. Would you mind sharing how much you paid per graft? I've been looking into Diep but I've heard he's raised his prices a decent amount.
  6. I got this cheap derma stamp although there's derma pens that are way higher quality that go for around $80.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Derma-Stamp-140-Microneedle-Anti-Ageing-Scar-Acne-Eye-Wrinkle-0-3-3-0MM-USA/152749242401?hash=item2390907821:m:miXFMJIewHnumFecI0cjkqQ ones like these you should use for a couple months then toss out
  7. Don't use a derma roller, get a derma stamp. Derma rollers are usually made out of cheap metals and dull blades that are like running tiny knives across your skin. I actually experienced pretty bad shock loss from using a cheap roller once. Also, I'm pretty sure Drake uses a hair unit lol. Also, I think dermmatch might be better than fibers since you keep your hair short.