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  1. During a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon is it tacky for the patient to ask about a discount if the procedure is paid for in cash? Or if subsequent procedures would be at a discounted price from the initial procedure? What have your experiences been with the financial aspect of your hair transplant journey? Thank you.
  2. Looks perfect as Dr. K’s work always does. The post op pictures are so clean. I am in a situation where I can’t justify paying his fee, but do not want anyone else to perform my hair transplant. Congratulations and happy growing. You’re going to look awesome. Looking forward to updates.
  3. You look great, Djshakes. If you don’t mind answering, how old are you?
  4. I live in NYC and out of all the local doctors, I like Feller and Bloxham’s work the best. If I ever get off my butt and get the hair transplant procedure(s) done, I would go to their clinic.