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  1. Hi Belman that's right, 4.5 months have passed since my surgery with Dr. Cinic. I was in Turkey on December 10, 2019. I'm pleased with the progress from month to month and I'm so happy. I'm really looking forward to new hair. Your change is really impressive ...
  2. That is great progress Belman. Looks so good! Now just enjoy the rewards of making the best decision in your lifetime.
  3. Hello Donjamo What is your current situation? How's your progress going?
  4. Great change. The difference is incredible and I think you can be satisfied. I'm 3 months behind you so I'm waiting for the first results. I believe they will be as good as yours. Thanks for your reporting and pictures ... Cheers
  5. HiI had a HT with Dr. Cynic 10. Dec. 2019thI still feel the numbness of the upper scalp even though it has been 32 days since surgery. What is your situation?That worries me a lot. Is this normal?
  6. Where did you get infected with MRSA? I plan to go to surgery on Dr Cynic's clinic but now I'm worried ... Have you contacted Dr Cinik about that??
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