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  1. I had my hair transplant 3 months ago (~5000 grafts), and the staff at Vera Clinic had told me that it takes 1 full year for the results to fully show. It's been only 3 months and I've had great results! I don't wear a hat in public anymore and my confidence has come back. It feels great! Also Dr Vayni and Dr Sepahi were very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly with the help of the translators Yasser, Ammar, and Dua. The nurses were very meticulous and kind with the procedure. Especially Damla, she took extra care. Khaled also gave me full description of everything that I needed after the operation. Only thing that needed improvement was the meal and also the explanation that the supplements necessary after the treatment are not included in the cost. Other than that, the operation was a great success. Transportation to and fro the hotel was very smooth, drivers were very kind and took extra care of my head as I entered and exited the vehicle. All around good experience. Thank you to all the Vera Clinic staff and team!