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  1. I am around 10 days short of 6 months and am very happy with how things are processing. New hairs started to appear around the 3 month mark and combined with regrowth of hair after some minor shock loss, the density improved greatly. Even if this was the final result, I would be more than satisfied, but I know once the transplanted hair mature and thicken, it will turn into an amazing result.
  2. Hey Brickellmoto I think you would be making a great choice with Dr Gabel. He is a terrific doctor and person. He took extreme care during my procedure, constantly checking and rechecking. It was great that after 3 days I could walk around and no one would have any idea I had a transplant. After a week I was able to resume a normal life, going back to work (just avoiding exercise and sun).
  3. Just passed 3 month mark and all is proceeding as expected. A few new hairs have started to sprout which is exciting, looking forward to the months ahead. My donor area is fantastic. I have no numbness and no tightness at all. The nice thing with going unshaven is by week 4, I basically looked the same as I did before my procedure. And having gone through the ugly duckling stage before with my first procedure it was very welcomed. Here are some 3 month photos
  4. Hi Viru.K Not sure why you would question this as not real? I posted to show the high quality and refined work Dr Gabel does.
  5. Yes it was Dr Rahal. He was a quality surgeon too, though I rate Dr Gabel higher for they way he runs his procedure and after care.
  6. thanks for the replies guys. Spanker- Luckily my hair loss outside my hairline has been minimal so I felt confident I could use more grafts. I know if I was in my 20's I would not be doing a second procedure like this. Yesplease- here are my pre and post op photos for my first procedure in 2016.
  7. I want to share my recent experience with Dr Gabel. About myself: I am aged early 40s, currently living in Australia. I have had a slow receding hairline over the past 6 years and have been taking both minoxidil and finasteride to stabilize my hair loss. In 2016 I decided to have a procedure to lower my hairline to a point I was comfortable with. I had the procedure in Canada, it was 2700 grafts (FUT) and it lowered my hairline around 2cm. Why another procedure? I was delighted with how the hairline looked, but after 12 months I realised the dens
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