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  1. No. Having second thoughts. I don’t know if I’m going to go through with the procedure.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I'm certainly not very knowledgeable, but from my limited research they say that you should only harvest from a specific area from the back of your head. If you go beyond, the hairs are weaker and have a lessor chance of survival.So to harvest large amounts of grafts FUT is the better approach. I don't believe you can harvest 5500 grafts by FUE and stay within the recommended donor region.
  3. I'm deciding if it's worth the risk traveling to Turkey to have HT. I had a consultation with Bosley in NY. We discussed both procedures that they offered FUE/FUT , also stating the limitations of both by Bosley standards ( 2,200 grafts for FUE and 3,400 for FUT) . The consultant said that I have good donor hair and that I would require 3,000 grafts . I attached a photo showing my hair. That being said the FUT was the best viable solution, I agreed since I didn't want to have my head shaved. That evening I started researching all options currently available, thats when I read about DHI. Mos
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