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  1. Hey guys if you had to choose to get a FUE from Hasson or Rahal who would you go with? I have a good head of hair, but am looking to fill in my temples and strengthen the hairline. Was all set to go with Rahal, but it kind of seems like he is dropping the ball lately while H&W are killing it. Has Rahal fallen off?
  2. Looks great man. Exactly what I would want. How does it looks when wet?
  3. Honestly I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my hair. That being said, I am for the most part ok with how it looks right now when styled. I hide it well and I think it looks pretty cool. If it receded any farther though I would absolutely not be fine. I think I will probably keep my September date for now. If come august, my hair is still stable maybe push it back a year. I plan to grow my hair out on top until then.
  4. My dad is 58 with a full head of hair. Never even occurred to me that I had any chance of losing my hair until it started happening in my mid 20's. Only recently has he begun to go from NW1 to nw1.5 maybe NW2. Dad has 2 brothers with NW1 and one bald one. His dad died before I was born, but I think he was bald. Grandpa and every uncle on my mom's side is a cueball.
  5. What do you mean not a keeper? Like it will continue to recede? I’ve been on fin for almost 3 years. I’m aware it’s not bad right now. My line of thinking is fix it earlier before it becomes bad. Then have a great head of hair for my 30’s and 40’s hopefully
  6. What do you mean my temples are insane? Booked with Rahal and he said he was ready and willing to get me where I want to be. Consulted via FaceTime with one of his consultants
  7. Hey everyone, long time lurker and first time poster here. I first started noticing that my hair was changing 3 years ago when I was 24. Been on fin for 2.5 years. I am still a very thick NW2 with temple recession and some thinning/miniaturization along the hairline. I can fraud NW1ish when my hair is longer. Not one person has ever said anything or thinks I am balding. In fact, on the rare occasion I bring it up to parents or close friends they think I am crazy. My hair and looks are extremely important to me. I have always been a good looking guy who has great hair and got complim
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