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  1. My pricing was calculated when I booked the procedure which was nearly a year ago. So perhaps his prices went up since then? His waiting list is nearly a year long - if the demand for his service is outpacing his ability to perform the procedures, then it would only make sense from a business standpoint to increase the price. It's also possible that "nearly $10 / graft" is still consistent with what I paid since some people might consider 8.50/graft to be "nearly 10/graft." Or if its at 9/graft that is also nearly 10/graft.
  2. It's in my OP. Approx 16k for 1869 grafts
  3. Not really. The scalp above the recipient area is still quite numb and the recipient area still has some numbness as well.
  4. Not a whole lot new. Donor area is itching more than I'd like - today I scratched too hard and started bleeding. The donor area is definitely thinner but I don't know if is noticeable to others unless you point it out. The skin underneath the donor area is still red but its fairly well hidden by the hair at this point. The recipient area redness doesn't seem to be improving all that much (if at all). I'm not sure if its because I am getting intermittent unprotected sun exposure or what (I'm talking a total of 7-12 minutes total throughout the day for 1-2 minutes at a time just walking from my car to the office or to a restaurant and back). Can't wear a hat because of the environment I work in, and my hair mostly covers the recipient. Dr said I shouldn't be concerned as I may have a histamine positive skin type which can result in redness for up to a year. For what its worth, I also have mild rosacea so my face is usually pink and gets red easily from heat/sun/spicy food/alcohol. It doesn't seem like anything more has shed in the last week or so - there is about 10-15% of the hairs I would guess that didn't shed and appear to be growing. The hairs near the hairline you see in the photos are native hairs. Doesn't seem like any shock loss in the recipient area. Just trying to be patient.
  5. In regards to sun exposure, the general consensus seems to be avoidance of direct sun exposure during the post-op healing period, and you should cover the recipient area and/or wear sunscreen on the recipient for a year - the reason being that the skin is very susceptible to sunburn/damage while its repairing. What I can't seem to find an answer to is how literal these instructions need to be adhered to. Does this mean that the recipient needs to be covered at *all* times - including, for example, if you are walking outside during the day in the sun for a few minutes or driving in a car when there is sun out? It would seem to be that a common sense approach here is appropriate. If you are going to have prolonged direct sun exposure (more than 15 minutes?), you should cover up or wear sunscreen - essentially just treat your skin as if it can be very easily sunburned. Or should I be treating sunlight like its a death plague and treat all sunlight as if every second is burning my grafts to death?
  6. I hope you asked him about his punch. Seems to be the most controversial aspect of his work.
  7. Funny you should ask that. I just started on brand name propecia when I was previously on the generic proscar. My first batch of the drug was a prescription for generic proscar, and I initially had sides when doing 1/4 every day, and experimented and eventually landed on .5 mg every third day. I don't know the manufacturer. That lasted me for a few years. When I had my consult with Diep I was almost out, and he wrote me a new proscar prescription and my local pharmacy (Kaiser) gave me what I think was the same manufacturer (pills looked identical, but I'm not sure if that means its the same or what) - Dr. Reddy's. I felt like over the last year the propecia wasn't as effective - I couldn't necessarily see anything visually but the hair just felt not as thick. So I had Diep write me a prescription for brand propecia and I just picked that up a few days ago. The price was ridiculous ($300 for 90 1mg pills from a local pharmacy in Cali - the tech there said this drug is rarely purchased). But...I had been doing some reading about peoples differing experiences between generics and brand and I figured I don't want to chance it with my finasteride being less effective. If the drug seems to have a noticeable effect in the crown area - I'll probably stick with the brand and go with Merck's proscar to cut the cost a little bit.
  8. We didn't really talk about shaving the head. I made it clear that I did not want that done. He did shave a few cm of hair around the hairline in the recipient - you can see that many of the hairs near the hairline are the natural hairs regrowing right now - so there were hairs implanted behind the existing hairline. My understanding is that going further into the hairline risks shock loss of the hairs around that which is no good if those are the hairs that are next to go on your head. Propecia has halted the further recession (or at least slowed it greatly) of the hairline.
  9. Day 25: The week at the office was pretty uneventful. Everyone was surprised by my haircut since its a lot shorter but I don't think it occurred to anyone that I had a HT. One of the judge's did not even recognize me when I came into his court. The donor area wasn't really noticeable with the use of dermmatch- but my recipient area is still fairly red and you could plainly see it if you were looking at my head. With the way I was styling my hair though, (and the fact that you couldn't really see that my hairline was receding before) - it likely just looks like a redness near my hairline that could be caused by ?? who knows. I told a couple people and they were very interested in the process. I'm sure everyone else can see the redness but no one seemed to really overly invested in figuring out what the redness was. The top of my head and recipient is still fairly numb but I can slowly feel sensation returning. Will probably take a few months at this rate. Many of the recipient hairs have shedded, a lot remain, a few seem to continue growing. Was using bacitracin for a few days on the recipient to address some of the pimples/redness as advised by the Dr. Redness remains in the donor area but it is becoming increasingly less visible as the hair around it grows. I *feel* like there is a noticeable loss in density in the donor and from certain angles it looks a bit worrisome, but it seems fairly comparable to other donor areas I've seen with the same skin type around the same time. I'm guessing there is some mild shock loss - but I can't tell if the visibility is due to continued redness or due to shock loss or overharvesting. Comparison photos are from day 1/3
  10. I don't have any concerns at this point. The lighting is probably what you are seeing. You can definitely still see the redness from donor extractions when the light angles are right. But right now it would appear that the red undertone rather than any meaningful density loss is the cause of visibility in the donor area.
  11. I think the unfortunate reality is Diep wanting to extract so high up necessitated shaving so high. I would have preferred him going further into the left side of the donor instead of going up.
  12. It’s just not long enough on the sides. I can’t cover both the hairline and temple area.
  13. The tech unfortunately buzzed all the way up on the sides so I have no hair behind the temple area to brush forward. I can only brush forward the hair on the crown and it doesn't sufficiently cover the temples.
  14. My last weekend before going back to the office. I think I may be successful in keeping attention off of the back. Bought some light brown dermmatch - I don't think its the best match for the hair color but it seems to be working a bit. I also got a haircut today and the unfortunate reality is I don't think my barber could really do a whole lot to create a reasonable style that will cover the recipient area. The problem is that they just went too high when they shaved the donor and I don't have enough temple hair to brush forward, and my hair is too light and fine to really provide any real coverage. That in conjunction with the fact the recipient is still very much red - I have no way to conceal it. I can brush my hair forward but you can still definitely see the red outlines of the recipient area if you look for it. So I'll likely just put it out there on day 1 and tell everyone where I was the last three weeks. Also, there seems to be a bit of irritation (possible pimples) in the recipient area. I don't know if its cause for concern or what. Most of the hairs are still there, but you can see them falling over like limp noodles and many have fallen out already.