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  1. My transplant is 17 months post-op - its been 6 weeks since getting the new finasteride rx.
  2. Hello, I've been taking finasteride for about 6 years now. During that time it seemed to be working pretty well, dramatically slowing my rate of hair loss. I cannot recall the specific brands that I took over the years, I believe I've used multiple generics as well as the Merc brand. I also had a hair transplant 17 months ago in the hairline (documented on this forum). My pharmacy recently filled a prescription and gave me Dr. Reddy's generic finasteride. This was about 6 weeks ago. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks and increased amount of shedding and my hair "feels" worse,
  3. I had my follow up today (the delay was my fault) - we didn't discuss a whole lot because my feelings overall about the procedure have gotten somewhat more positive since my last posting here. We mainly discussed the thin patch on my right temple and his explanation was that the success of grafts in that area is commonly lower because they try to use the smaller single grafts in order to have a smoother transition into the temple point area. I'm not sure if I buy that since the other temple area clearly grew much better - and as I said previously my gripe with that area was that the hairs on t
  4. Here is my almost 8 month update. The hair more or less seems to be at its final form. I can't really notice much of a difference between 6 month and 8 month in terms of growth or thickness. I think the hair is becoming less "wirey" and a little more natural over time. However, the angle of the hair still seems a bit different than the native hair around it - the native hair wants to naturally drape forward and down, whereas the implanted hair tends to want to be pushed upwards a bit. I think for most guys this would be a non-issue since combing the hair back is a good style for implanted hair
  5. I've been in back to back trials these last couple months and I haven't had a chance to even breathe. I'll update when I have a chance. Haven't even gotten a haircut during this time.
  6. 5 month update. Pros: The redness is mostly gone, or at least you can't really see it unless you look for it. The hair has been growing quickly, and it seems as if what is going to grow has already started growing. I got a lot of early growth, but I don't know that anything "new" is coming in. Donor area from what I can see is not showing any obvious thinning, and I've been cutting it to a 3. I am pleased each time I get a haircut (every 3-4 weeks now) that the hairline is looking better and better each time and it has become much easier to style it the way I want to. Definite improv
  7. Here is my 4 month progress. My left side seems to be growing a bit better than the right side, and there is a small area in the right near the temple that is a bit sparser than everywhere else. The redness is (slowly) getting better. For some reason the redness is more obvious than pictures than IRL.
  8. Don't rub the recipient area until day 8 per the instructions from Diep. The scabbing will get really hard and it will feel like a thin shell, but the instructions are to keep the scabs in place until day 8 since by then the grafts are fairly secure.
  9. Diep explained to me that he thought the no saline/no touching for 4 days was the safer method for preserving graft integrity in the first week. It seems like there are two schools of thought and either approach has pros/cons. Keeping the recipient dry allows some level of protection for the grafts since the scabbing will hold them in place. I've also read that keeping the area moist/clean and preventing excessive scabbing provides reduces the probability of skin infections. Either way, best to just follow the doctors instructions. By day 8, those scabs are going to be stuck to your head
  10. 3 month update. Around 2-3 weeks ago I was looking and wondering why I was seeing sparse growth from hairs that never shed, but nothing new. I decided to use one of those vanity mirrors to look really closely and noticed that there were hundreds of extremely fine white hairs that were poking out. Apparently there are a ton of hairs growing, but they are nearly invisible under regular light - the camera doesn't even pick them up zoomed to the max. So I took a few photos using the vanity mirror light from a specific angle and you can clearly see there are a ton of hairs growing - most about
  11. I think I can answer this, having left the hair on top long with the same doctor. There are no substantial benefits to shaving the entire head in terms of your long term results. Having your head shaved will make it easier to clean when it times to get the scabs off. Having long hair on the crown will cause lots of bits to get stuck in the hair, and you will be really nervous the first time rubbing the area, so it can be kind of a hassle. There is also the possibility that your hair will get stuck to existing scabs during the first few days where you will be pouring water on the reci
  12. There is itchiness in the recipient area however not severe - I'm not fighting back the urge to itch it but it does feel a bit itchy when washing it.
  13. Week 9. Good news is the donor area looks fairly undetectable. So I'm not sure the concerns from the last 4 pages panned out. There is basically only one spot near the hump at the bottom of the donor area that is thin - probably because I kept scratching that area and was getting pimples there. The hair on back is about 2-3 weeks out from a 3 guard, so a 5-6ish guard. Bad news is the recipient area is still red. If its still the same by month 3 then I will reach out to the Dr about an in personal evaluation to ensure there is no issues.
  14. I'm month 2 with the same Dr and had the same hairless white strip issue around day 5. Mine happened because I knicked my head when a bunch of towels fell on my face, but apparently this cracking in the "scab shell" is common when following post-op instructions that keep the recipient dry for the first few days. No idea if it affects final result or not. My areas that were cracked have not yet shown any signs of growth.
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