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  1. Next week will be 4 months since op.. I’ve started to notice more happening over the last few days. Thoughts guys?
  2. 2.5 month update! Seems to be growing well, I’m happy with the progress at this early stage!
  3. Hi Guys, 2 month update. Shedding seemed to stop a couple of weeks back, and hopefully now growing! Let me know your thoughts! Sorry for bad pics!
  4. Have you contacted them for their views? I was at ASMED in January. It’s a bit concerning seeing so many sub-par results 🤔
  5. 34 days update! Idon’t seem to have shed since my last post, do you guys think it’s growing already, or is there more shedding to come?!
  6. Keeping this short and sweet as don't have much time. Will add more pics as time goes by. This forum helped me make my decision, so trying to add something back. 2800 Grafts to temple area - ASMED