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  1. i posted 2 recent pics and pic from 4 months after surgery in this thread. I've posted pics before surgery and right after surgery in past. i can post 5000 pictures, it won't make any difference. at this point, this is an exercise in futility. this is a completely failed surgery in every way dr keller needs to take responsibility for this and the clinic photos are complete fucking horseshit. they send me 5 pics and all were in the best lighting imaginable and made me look like a NW1. These pics I'm showing you are the real results.
  2. here is a recent pic and pic from 4 months after surgery, basically no difference I'm not gonna tell you guys which is which - you can see basically no difference.
  3. the crown, middle and right behind hairline look worse than ever. I did 4000 grafts - which I was told is about 10 to 11,000 hairs. You can see I have great hair texture, I should have seen huge results. I have that coarse, thick hair you see on Indians and Asians. Melvin wanted my name - my name is Dave and I did surgery June 29th on friday this is one of my biggest regrets now in life. I spent 14K and got a better hairline (i went from NW3 to like NW1.5) but the rest of it looks fukking terrible and now the shaved head will look even worse with the FUT scar. I wish I just shaved my head Dr Keller should give me 80% refund. What's the fucking deal here? how does such a reputable surgeon get a 10% survival rate on grafts on a very healthy young man who doesn't smoke and exercises and everything?
  4. Is it just a question of extremely high DHT sensitivity at a young age? I'm 30 and headed to NW5 to NW6 territory (I have diffuse loss all over my top) and I honestly feel like I'm in a rare territory. Most guys at 25-35 have all their hair. Yet I look at men between 40-60 and most of them are balding very hard. Why is this?
  5. I had a FUT surgery last year and have hated the results. I don't know if I was expecting too much or what not. I have diffuse loss in the middle and really badly diffused crown. I thought the surgery would make me look like I don't have hair loss anymore and that has not been the case. It looks really shitty and patchy, the crown especially looks horrible. I'm thinking about getting SMP done. How much can that hide the FUT scar? I don't expect perfection but can it make it look say 70 or 80% better? Also how dark can the SMP be? Can it make my head look like this?