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  1. This is so true and I never realised this was a thing !
  2. Thanks gillenator - I think you are the voice of reason. I guess everybody wants more... I'm happy though 😀
  3. Thanks chaps. Whilst theres always room for a little improvement, I think I'm just being over-particular in general.
  4. OK thanks chaps, I think I'll put the idea to rest 👍
  5. I was thinking of having just a little more in the section I highlighted below. I'm not even sure how many grafts thats is? I'll send them a photo and see what they say anyway out of curiosity. I had the hairline softening op with Dr. Rogers and Dr. Sebastian at Westminster Medical in London for those asking 👍
  6. Ok interesting, thanks for the responses. I think I'll sleep on it longer! I just can't help but feeling that it's a little light at the front still, and I'd like more of a wall of hair again. To be fair I did request a very soft hairline to the team. Maybe I'm just going through a phase... and as Melvin said above probably chasing perfection. Hmmm
  7. Hi all, I wondered if I could get your opinion on whether I should thicken my hairline up a little more? To briefly explain, I had a small FUE op 2 years ago to soften a hair transplant I had roughly 6 years ago. The original hair transplant was good but I always felt that my hairline looked a little 'chunky' and slightly unnatural and I would often have a fringe to disguise the hairline. After looking into hairline softening procedures online I selected another clinic where the surgeon used thin hairs and loosely placed them across the hairline to create a more 'feathered look'. I felt more confident combing my hair back following this procedure, though now I am questioning if I should have another pass to thicken it up or am I just being obsessive?! My only question is - does it look too sparse now? Should I have another pass to improve the density a little so that the density looks more inline with the original hair line density? I'm 33 and opted for a more mature hairline. I've attached the two photos below for comparison. Opinions please! Thanks