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  1. The SMP look is really good. You look neat and sharp with the buzz cut look ! How many sessions did you have?
  2. Spidey your result is incredible. Hope you're pleased 😎
  3. Nice write up. In your line of work appearance and confidence must be everything 💪
  4. Ha thanks Gatsby, that's nice to hear!! I'm a finicky soul by nature being an artist and designer. I do tend to obsess over details greatly ! 😂🧐
  5. Very interesting read your story. SMP and short hair look does suit you !
  6. I have this problem all the time. Indoor photos of my hair look great but when I see photos of my hair in bright light / or sunlight on my friends Instas I sigh ! I think I'm the only one who really notices tho 🤔
  7. It looked really good at 10 - 12 months, though after about 1.5 years everything settled and softened nicely. Here's a more recent photo I'm still thinking about a touch more 😬 Westminster Medical Group said it's possible, though not much at all, they also think it looks good as it is and that I shouldn't really touch it. It's just that frontal peak I want doing. Hmmmm 🤣
  8. Thanks gillenator - I think you are the voice of reason. I guess everybody wants more... I'm happy though 😀
  9. Thanks chaps. Whilst theres always room for a little improvement, I think I'm just being over-particular in general.
  10. I was thinking of having just a little more in the section I highlighted below. I'm not even sure how many grafts thats is? I'll send them a photo and see what they say anyway out of curiosity. I had the hairline softening op with Dr. Rogers and Dr. Sebastian at Westminster Medical in London for those asking 👍
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