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  1. Hi guys, looking for some feedback here. Been toying with the idea of a HT for ages. Always had a really high hairline. I’ve attached some pictures taken exactly one year apart. The top 2 are from today, but it’s hard to tell if there has been any change since the bottom 2 pictures, taken a year ago? Hair is a bit longer today, due to there being no barbers open etc Oh, and I'm 40 later this year
  2. Hi mate, looks like you will be in for a great result You said you have been on fin for 9 years. Do you mind me asking what dosage, and if you have had any sides? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for clarifying mate. is it correct that topical finasteride is also an option from here following procedure? Thanks
  4. Hi Melvin, If you don't mind me asking, what suplplements (if any) do you take? Im planning on a HT later this year and currently take saw palmetto, biotin and multi vitamins
  5. Great post mate. I am considering this Doctor for later in the year. Quick question if I may. How long have you been on finasteride for and has there been any issues?
  6. Hi mate, I'm sure it will be great. I spoke to them earlier this year but have had to postpone. Im still looking to go later this year. Is it still 1.25 per graft? They were pretty conservative when talking about my hairline also. They said they only recommended it could be brought forward 1-1.5cm