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  1. I wanted a more natural hairline and Dr. Rahal and Fiona did exactly that and than some. Took 3 sessions to achieve this full look. This is more permanent but touch ups will be needed which is known with SMP.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to give my experience with Scalp Micropigmentation other know as SMP. I had the SMP procedure done at Dr. Rahal's clinic in Ottawa. I was skeptical at first but after my consultation with Fiona I was definitely ready to have this procedure done. I have to say. she is an artist at what she does. not only is she very professional but the whole staff was great. Fiona is very highly skilled at what she does and is very meticulous to detail. The procedure was painless that I was able to work while having the SMP procedure done. My wife and daughters noticed right away how I looked more younger just by Fiona bringing my natural hairline back. I now have more confidence, I don't wear hats as much as I use too. I have to thank Fiona and The Dr. Rahal team for the wonderful experience. I definitely recommend SMP to anyone who is contemplating on getting the SMP procedure done at Dr. Rahal's clinic. Thank you again Fiona!