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  1. Hi, I am currently researching FUE clinics in UK and came across LHTC (https://www.londonhairtransplantclinic.uk), which is based on edgeware road. I came across this thread and read the different posts which also relate to LHTC - albeit it appears the LHTC clinic referred to in this thread was based on harley street which has now been closed. The current LHTC clinic (based on edgeware road) has over 70 reviews on google and i think over 300 on trust pilot. All of the reviews appear to be very positive. I was beginning to think they are two separate clinics and had no connection to each other until i read the very final post in this thread - im glad i continued reading until the end! Interestingly, the main consultant at the 'new' LHTC clinic on edgeware road is Dr Maziar Sadri, which is one of the consultants mentioned in the final post. It does sound alittle too convenient! I just signed up to update everyoe incase you guys didnt know. Does anyone have any further info on the LHTC edgeware road clinic? By the way, Im sorry to hear about all the negative experiences that people mentioned in this thread and hope you guys managed to get your money back! Best regards, M C