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  1. We no longer doing business with them. Please see below. Funda Dağlı <funda@emrahcinik.com> Tue, Feb 26, 6:00 PM (22 hours ago) to info, Dear Amer, Thank you very much for removing the pictures. Seems like we are no longer business partners which have been this way for a while. We will contact you if reconsider in the future. Best Regards, Funda Dağlı Assistant of Dr. Cinik Mobile: +90 542 234-0434 Email: funda@emrahcinik.com Web: www.emrahcinik.com Recipient of Whatclinic and Realself Top Doctor Award 2017 do business with them...
  2. Dear All, Thank you for warning us Lorenzo, Eagle travel used to be one of our partners and has posted this picture without our notice, after your screen shot we have contacted them and asked the removal of the post. Please see the correspondence below; Funda Dağlı <funda@emrahcinik.com> Feb 25, 2019, 5:28 PM (1 day ago) to info, EMRAH Dear Amer, As per our phone conversation a few minutes ago, we are a hair transplant clinic called Dr.Cinik located in Istanbul which we used to do business with your company. Yesterday we got a notice from a network, a hair transplant platform informing everyone that we are steeling some other doctor's pictures and using as our before & after pictures. This post does not below to our company but to your company which is giving a very big damage to our company's reputation and builds trust issues with people which they have wrote a horrible comment under the picture. At this time we kindly ask you to remove this asap before we take a legal action. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53383-potential-recommendation-of-dr-emrah-cinik-of-istanbul-turkey/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-496822 Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to your response. and they have removed it as seen below, we apologize Dr. Hason and Dr.Wong for the inconvenience on behalf of them. me, EMRAH Dear Funda We removed the picture from our website as per your request, but we will appreciate if you can send us a real photos of operations done in your clinic the before and after operation to publish it on our website. And please advise if you have any remarks of any other photos from our website Waiting to hear from you Best regards
  3. 1 year after hair transplant surgery FUE method for 3500 grafts
  4. A 1 year post-op after first session FUE hair transplant 3600 grafts including beard 10 month post-op second session FUE hair transplant 2500 grafts including beard
  5. 10 month post-op of our DHI patient implanted 2500 grafts for hairline fix
  6. 5 month post-op of a patient which we have implanted 3500 grafts FUE method
  7. 10 month post-op after a 3600 hair transplant surgery with 3600 grafts
  8. A 10 month post-op picture of a patient whom we implanted 3000 grafts with FUE method.