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  1. Hi, yeah, I was really worried about my donor area but they assured me that it would be successful. I won't know the result really until month 5/6 when I get the full pattern. Hairs are sprouting up already but they are still light enough at the moment. Best of luck in October 👍
  2. Here it is approx two months, note that I'm keeping my hair short until all the transplanted hair catches up. Note also alot of spots pushing through 😁👍
  3. Day 16. 7th July. Just before I go back to work, I think most of the bad redness GG one thank god. .
  4. Hi everyone, Just checking in to say I had 2910 Grafts with Resul Yaman Clinic in Istanbul 2 days ago 20th June 2019. Everything so far going well, the clinic staff and Doctor himself was very professional and courteous and were helpful in every way. It's abviously early days but I had my first wash this morning and will have another tomorrow before I travel back to Ireland Monday. See pics below, fingers crossed it will start to grow now, not back to work until begining of July so praying all the redness will go and the hair will grow back to a respectable length. Please note that I had two previous procedure s, one FUT in Ireland and another FUE in Istanbul 5years ago, got good results but wanted to go to a clinic that show amazing results, that's why I picked Resul Yaman Clinic. Hopefully all will go well. I'll post pics on day 10 so to show if scans and redness progress.
  5. Brilliant results, i am due to have my procedure on the 21st June in your clinic, praying for the same result.