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  1. See if you struck with hairloss you will eventually go bald in few years.. hair transplant is considered by young people who deep inside know that they will go bald over time... but 20 to 30 is not the age to bald so any nw3 would get one with the support of medicine could retain that youthful look n spend his young age focusing on other things like work career, dating, marriage, n etc.... once a particular age is passed hair doesn't matter , although with hair transplant you could retain hair on your scalp with a bit of baldness..
  2. I still fill your first surgery should be the biggest game changer .it should bring a solid impact and with time a second would mainly involve filling up n covering crown..once your hairline is generated you are all set to go in life.. mega session is usually required when a patient reaches grade 6 or 7 but if someone with grade 3 or 4 gets a hair transplant and be committed to medicines then he would have achieved the ultimate goal of a hair transplant n that is density. So its advisable for someone to get 2 sessions in 4 to 5 years rather than 1 mega session
  3. Exactly he could have extracted grafts from elsewhere. As It was clinics mistake of overlooking it n they should have filled that spot immediately before finishing the surgery. My question is was that spot not noticed before touching the crown area? Did they tell you that they would finish that area after lunch n had completely forgotten.
  4. I agree he needed 2 sittings but there is no way one would leave that much gap between grafts n leave a spot. Someone like bhatti could have handled this much better.. its like having a frontharline n crown, while your midsection is without hair n you rely on finasteride. He could have covered the front first
  5. Dr bhatti should take responsibility for this and as I have mentioned before he should go back to his board room n rethink on his technique work n procedures .. international patients n foreigners pay a hefty sum to get their hair transplant done from bhatti n all we get in return is poor results, poor post surgery service, blackmailing by their reps. Poor results due to doctor's negligence is totally unacceptable. Bhatti needs to improve his work as he is neither offering refund nor giving free repairs.. n on top of that there is no guarantee that after second surgery you'll get the desired r
  6. Frankly speaking I can't even see any growth I mean forget about the density now I feel you'll have to comb your crown hair forward n front hair back to hide that spot. Let's be honest 3500 is quite a huge number of grafts. A surgeon could have easily covered front hairline till midscalp n you would have been very much satisfied but looking at this I feel you'll need a repair but let hope for some postive results n the next 3 months will give you a clear indication of what to expect or the outcome of this hair transplant .. and yes one more thing bhatti usually recommends finasteride for 6 mon
  7. I have had tremendous improvement with it .my hair has improved I'm using mor f5% for last 6 months
  8. Exactly he has published some results of grade 7 patient with just the hairline n that too lacking density. I sometimes feel bhatti must be very much occupied as he has a lot of hifi clients to deal with. To improve his work he really has to consider few things .First n foremost 1) his techies team.. as we all know technicians play an important role n they have to be equally skillful. If something is going wrong In the hair transplant procedure then the whole team should be evaluated. That's why many bad results have popped up recently 2) the technique he uses .He leaves a lot of
  9. Exactly. If that's what you can expect than no one would accept that.. the patient already has gone through a lot before hair transplant n when he finally decides to go for a hair transplant putting his hard earned money n In return he gets this poor results n on top of that faces harassment from his reps.
  10. It really sucks brother. We all have gone through this pain of hairloss at such a young age I know its depressing and above that the disastrous result of his surgery, the money lost n shera's blackmailing. You have to be very strong to go through this. Please dont let any negativity lose your focus. There are other things in life you could always develop yourself in other things In life
  11. To hell with the blackmailing I feel this result is a more serious issue than the shera controversy. Even a local clinic with a young dr lacking experience would deliver you a better result than this and dr bhatti on his youtube page has always criticised small local n multiple clinics with several branches and stated them as a main cause of hair transplant failure and justifies that the he charges X3 the price of a local clinic because such small clinics possesses higher risk of failure.....You have a good donor area go get a hair transplant elsewhere
  12. Thy use a DHI technique, where grafts are directly implanted aftrr extractions. It is a more advance technique of fue
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