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  1. Exactly he has published some results of grade 7 patient with just the hairline n that too lacking density. I sometimes feel bhatti must be very much occupied as he has a lot of hifi clients to deal with. To improve his work he really has to consider few things .First n foremost 1) his techies team.. as we all know technicians play an important role n they have to be equally skillful. If something is going wrong In the hair transplant procedure then the whole team should be evaluated. That's why many bad results have popped up recently 2) the technique he uses .He leaves a lot of gaps in between grafts. He may want to preserve grafts for future use but well hair transplant should be something impactful n change your whole look. Which many clinics are now successfully managing to give..No one has time to run every year just to get a touch up n density. Well if that's the case your scalp will be under reconstruction for the next 12 to 18 months or even more n you will need more than 2 years just to get your desirable look I'm not here to defame him or his clinic. He is a world class surgeon n has given us some wonderful results.but justTalking on whats visible here based on patients reviews.
  2. Exactly. If that's what you can expect than no one would accept that.. the patient already has gone through a lot before hair transplant n when he finally decides to go for a hair transplant putting his hard earned money n In return he gets this poor results n on top of that faces harassment from his reps.
  3. It really sucks brother. We all have gone through this pain of hairloss at such a young age I know its depressing and above that the disastrous result of his surgery, the money lost n shera's blackmailing. You have to be very strong to go through this. Please dont let any negativity lose your focus. There are other things in life you could always develop yourself in other things In life
  4. To hell with the blackmailing I feel this result is a more serious issue than the shera controversy. Even a local clinic with a young dr lacking experience would deliver you a better result than this and dr bhatti on his youtube page has always criticised small local n multiple clinics with several branches and stated them as a main cause of hair transplant failure and justifies that the he charges X3 the price of a local clinic because such small clinics possesses higher risk of failure.....You have a good donor area go get a hair transplant elsewhere
  5. Thy use a DHI technique, where grafts are directly implanted aftrr extractions. It is a more advance technique of fue
  6. Its high time we remove bhatti from this forum we had enough of him now. And its not because of the failed results but the way he handles failed surgery and his rep threatens his patients... this is an eye opener for all international patients n those who purely believes in google reviews n his website promotion
  7. After seeing your post n then this one. I wouldn't even consider dr bhatti even if he offers me surgery free of cost. His work n standards have fallen bigtime and its high time the admin of this network considers removing bhatti from the recommendation list. Well he has all the excuses in his bag to say when his patient has a failed surgery n shifts the entire blame on his patients
  8. Well TBH what I see Is just beyond my belief. Dr bhatti Is highly regarded and is known for his honesty, hardwork and ethics. What shera did is not excusable and he should immediately be sacked from this group. First of all @Badresultsits extremely sad and heartbreaking to go through this and only someone with baldness can understand the pain and beyond that it also affected your professional life. And you could have even lost your job for that. I know it's difficult to trust on hair transplant after undergoing 2 HT failures. But still things can improve and at this time try finding a good doctor who can help you come out of this so that you move on well and focus on other things in life. With Dr bhatti he is one of the top 20 surgeons in the world and lets not forget he is a human too and sometimes results may not turn up as what we expected. I feel @Dr Tejinder Bhatti has changed a lot of people's life and many have treated bhatti nothing less than their lifesaver.i think we shouldn't write him off for this case n he is still someone who could deliver you results in a worst case scenario. Although leme clarify myself I'm not supporting shera's act and the way this clinic has managed this case. Things have gone personal.
  9. Yes unfortunately you are.. the picture you took was In the dark yet we can see bit of your scalp. Try getting In contact with a dermatologist However you are still young n it wont really affect you for the next 5 years but be prepared for this
  10. The problem is if they start giving refunds then every individual with less perfect hair transplant would end up claiming there money from the clinic. I know there might be few grafts being wasted during the HT procedure but a dr should make sure the transection rate is well below 5%. But in his case I would rather demand for refund but would never think of doing another surgery with him
  11. @Badresults I have followed your case since last year and the moment you got vanished is when I realized something is wrong. Fortunately you are not residing In India and therefore you can expose them.. any surgeon before doing any surgery should do a complete check of whether his patient is eligible for a hair transplant or not. Dr bhatti being one of the best Ht surgeons is very much capable to solve such cases however he's a human too n sometimes things may not go in his favour n in such cases the dr should either offer you another surgery free of cost or give you atleast 50% refund. But dragging your employer in to this mess n threatening you is not justified.. but we dont know If dr bhatti is involved in all this or it's his agent who's doing it all alone..