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  1. I'm planning to have one soon. I would rather go for a hair system than shaving it off especially at such a young age
  2. when I was young around 10 I used to be extremely fat and obsessed with food. I got bullied and body shamed everywhere I went, until after highschool I decided to do something about it and that's where I started gym I did a lot of cardio sessions because I wanted to look good and fit and l managed to reduce around 35 kg in one year when I was 17, life became so good and my confidence went up high. And after like 2 years I started losing hair I noticed my hairline receding and thereafter it was a complete downfall and after like 5 years I have lost density and I look like a 40 year old man.from my point of view life was really unfair I worked so hard to get into good shape so that I look good and what's unfortunate for me is that no one from my family is bald or going bald my dad has good hair and same with my brother
  3. I guess there is a high possibility that your grafts were taken from the unsafe donor area.
  4. You will have to. Male pattern baldness increases with time so you have to think long term or unless you take medicines to protect your native hairs
  5. man even if that Dr does fut surgery for free I'm not going to him. Things are changing now. People go for FUE to get the best results, no one wants a big wide scar on their back That you end up having a fue transplant to conceal it. Im sorry for what you have gone through
  6. Man listen don't rush for a hair transplant you don't really need one. You will need it in the future but for now it's fine
  7. It all looks good. Bdw future graft being 2200. Does that mean you are just remained with that much grafts or you will require 2200 grafts for your second sitting?
  8. I think you should contact your doctor by now cuz I see limited growth. You are almost reaching 6 months n I see no new hair
  9. Trust me FUE has taken over the hair transplant market. I have seen some amazing results with it . Let's hope you get your desired results as Dr soni is one of the best surgeon in India. Good luck
  10. man I'm glad that I changed my decision to go for fut at soni. It's not worth having a transplant with a large scar