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  1. Has anyone here ever had this done? If so, what is your experience ? I'm curious, I have a weak donor and this interested me because its synthetic hair implantation.
  2. Are you still using it daily? I've tried it but its such a hassle, messy.
  3. How come I can't find any topics over here of people complaining about an overharvested donor with FUE ? I've tried longer hair lengths but it seems like a temporary solution...if the hair gets messy, then the thin donor is still revealed. I'm not comfortable with posting pictures yet. I'm now looking at wigs to try and cover my back up. My beard, body hair is finite and I don't know what the survival rate is if I transplant it into donor FUE scars. And I'm afraid SMP will look too unnatural. If there are any other options, suggest please.
  4. I feel like its such an uncommon issue and that I'm the one that was unlucky but I really need some suggestions on how to cover a thin donor area, my donor was over harvested and I'm trying to find solutions to cover up the thinness of the back. Anyone here have a over havested donor after FUE and if so, what steps did you take to cover it up so it does not look so thin ?
  5. I've had two FUE surgeries and my doctor overharvested my donor area. It is very thin and I'm having a hard time covering it up even with long hair. I'm considering body hair into the donor area but don't know if the body hairs will match my scalp hair or even survive when transplanted. I'm also considering Scalp Micro Pigmentation into the donor but I'm afraid it will look unnatural if it starts to fade or become a "blob". Are there any options to make the back donor area look thicker ?