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  1. I’m going for Cooley. I love how natural his hairlines are
  2. Since I was 25 . Steady on 1mg of fin and minoxidil liquid once per night and niz 3x week tried dut and got insane thickness literally hair like a carpet! However hairline didn’t improve only a ht will give me what I want decided to go off dut for now as I want that for a future weapon and I feel I don’t need it yet....hair is slightly less thick since dropping dut but still great!
  3. Thanks Legend yeah my native hair is doing great ..I always wanted to see how my hair progressed first, before I do anything more to my hairline . I’m about ready now to really go for a hairline I’ve always wanted. I still think I would benefit from more grafts and go for a nice full hairline.I did an edit for that side to balance it out ...let me know what you think ? so would you say my temple point needs working on too?
  4. Yes I agree. My right side bothers me more Than anything! It almost makes my forehead appear way larger and throws off symmetry. It’s way more apparent when my hair grows longer so I’m stuck with shorter sides with the fade I’ll show you some pics face on and side
  5. Yeah I actually plucked out a few at hairline to soften it and take out some groupings and it does look much better. I was considering Cooley for 1500 grafts to lower hairline very slightly with singles and then work behind building more density my left side is 4 fingers eyebrows to hairline but my right side is a bit higher
  6. This is the hairline pulled back I just thought it could be more refined and filled in?
  7. awesome I’m starting to think density instead of lowering the hairline! You think 1500 grafts will be fine?
  8. Yup it really needs refining. I notice some people stare at my hairline but maybe that's me being parinoid
  9. Hey so long story short I had a 2100 FUE 7 years ago and overall was a success building a new hairline (I was a nw 2.5) however I'm still wanting another pass to really achieve my dream hairline. One side is too high and also the zig zag pattern doesn't look completely natural . I've had a few people tell me this. Also my corners are a little rounded almost like a female hairline design. I really want it dropped slightly and more refined with singles (see pics) I'm 35 now and kept my native hair super strong (using fin and minoxidil ) At the moment I'm stuck using a little derm to make my hairline appear natural. It frustrates me that I have great native hair but can't fully enjoy it due to the hairline. I lose a lot of styling options as I tend to hide my hairline sweeping it forward Im looking to maybe do 1500 FUE ?