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  1. Yeah I actually plucked out a few at hairline to soften it and take out some groupings and it does look much better. I was considering Cooley for 1500 grafts to lower hairline very slightly with singles and then work behind building more density my left side is 4 fingers eyebrows to hairline but my right side is a bit higher
  2. This is the hairline pulled back I just thought it could be more refined and filled in?
  3. HDC Cyprus they did a great job !!!!
  4. awesome I’m starting to think density instead of lowering the hairline! You think 1500 grafts will be fine?
  5. Yup it really needs refining. I notice some people stare at my hairline but maybe that's me being parinoid
  6. Hey so long story short I had a 2100 FUE 7 years ago and overall was a success building a new hairline (I was a nw 2.5) however I'm still wanting another pass to really achieve my dream hairline. One side is too high and also the zig zag pattern doesn't look completely natural . I've had a few people tell me this. Also my corners are a little rounded almost like a female hairline design. I really want it dropped slightly and more refined with singles (see pics) I'm 35 now and kept my native hair super strong (using fin and minoxidil ) At the moment I'm stuck using a little derm to make my hairline appear natural. It frustrates me that I have great native hair but can't fully enjoy it due to the hairline. I lose a lot of styling options as I tend to hide my hairline sweeping it forward Im looking to maybe do 1500 FUE ?