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  1. Thanks for updating! Your results in 80 Days look great to me, hairline looks natural ! Congrats l!
  2. Looking great man!! Your results are gonna be great.
  3. Yes, Density is more than from the last month, good luck
  4. do some research on google for Dr Stoller (NYC)
  5. @HairlessUser gud to see your result, nice improvement
  6. Good to see if you are happy.
  7. narayan21

    honest review

    I am talking about your original post. Where u posted on Jan 2019 see your thread again n again. There u posted now it's completed one year after scar repair now slap yourself and shame on u. You are misguiding the people's.
  8. narayan21

    honest review

    Why u are not explain this pt. By this point it's clear that u are lying. It seems like u are hiding the facts. @Toby0823You already mentioned in your post on Jan 2019 (ie now u completed one year scar repairing) and here now u said the scar repair done after 6 month of your FUT surgery.
  9. narayan21

    honest review

    why you misguiding people by showing scar which was only 4-6 month and the scar in the picture shared by clinic is acceptably fine and also u didn't share your donor area before u gone for FUT. It seems you are hiding the facts even they offered scar repair I have seen in the above post. what u were expecting with poor donor portion?