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  1. 3 month update... things are starting to progress nicely.
  2. Haven’t updated in awhile. Here’s my two month results so far.. YouTube - 2 Month Update
  3. Here are my two week results so far. Youtube - Two Week Results
  4. It's been one week since my procedure and this how things look so far.
  5. Hi everyone, Just wanted to update you to let you know that I was able to find a clinic I was happy with and I got the procedure done. I decided to document my journey that there is not a lot of information out there for African American Men or African American People that want to keep their hair during the transplant process. I will post some pictures here when I get a chance, but the latest information can be found on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOUc8_q1lhnThE07MHiI8A/
  6. Well I've contacted several doctors and most aren't willing to do it or want to shave off all my hair, which I don't want. Hair of Istanbul will allow me to do the U-FUE. They have been very informative when responding to my questions, but I can't seem to find much information on them. Was wondering if anyone knows anything.
  7. While browsing different hair transplant websites. I came across hair of Istanbul. Something I saw that was different was that they make little slit incisions to implant hair versus using, for example, an insertion pen. They have pretty good results from the pics. Is there any benefits of doing it either way? ill attach a pic of the slits.
  8. Yes that is what I wanted to do so I'm aware. Just the coordinator I was talking to said my whole head needed to be shaved. That was Dr. Erdogan...
  9. tbh even if they wanted to shave it back just a little to give good density I would be fine with that. I just didn't want to cut all my hair off because I was hoping to cover it up. My hair is pretty long. It will cover my forehead and the back too. yes I am aware. I think a big issue is the coarse hairs that most people have. although my hair isn't straight it's not very coarse and I think it will not be an issue for extraction. I just need someone that's willing to not cut my hair on top. guess Dr Erdogan is out.
  10. Yeah seems like mine is farther back. That’s probably why. I also was trying to go to Dr Erdogan.
  11. I understand...well here are some pictures I sent in. Maybe it’s just not an option.
  12. I am an African American male looking for a hair transplant. Do you think it's possible to get a hair transplant without them shaving my entire head? My hair is currently long and I was thinking I could just have my hair cover my temple areas while the hair grows. The one doctor I reached out to said I need to cut all my hair off! 😩
  13. Hi I am currently in the Middle East. It seems that a lot of Doctors that are good with African American hair are back in the states from what I've read. Does anyone have any suggestions on doctors closer to the Middle East or maybe close to Thailand (I have trip planned there in April) or would it be best to just come back to the states?