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  1. Makes more sense with this added context. When I read the earlier post it sounded like doctors were hiring freelancers to come onto forums and wreak havoc. Sounded like easy money. Was considering a career change.
  2. I wasn't aware this was a paid gig. How exactly does one go about getting one of these paid shill gigs? Asking for a friend.
  3. Yeah - this definitely all makes sense. I'm probably going to go the FUT route this first time for the reasons you state. But I'm still a little wheezy about the more invasive nature of the procedure. I never really considered FUT until I started seeing some of the results from guys like Hasson. I always figured I would go the easier FUE route, so I am definitely having to adjust my mindset and get comfortable with something that's a little more invasive than originally planned.
  4. Yeah - it appears I may be following your same path. Based on some of the feedback I'm getting here, and after hearing more about AfterMath's incredible experience with Hasson, it seems like Hasson is probably the better play. I have a consult on the books with H&W for next week, so I am eager to see what they have to say. Now all I have to decide is whether to go FUT or FUE.
  5. Look, no matter which way you slice it, this is a very gray industry and the due diligence process is tough. Not only does everyone have an opinion, but you have to parse which opinions are real and legitimate, and which are being pushed by shills or other folks with a vested interest (or other tangible bias). The international aspect of this industry only further complicates the decision making process. Digging through it all is hardly a science. You just have to make a judgment call based on the weight of the evidence, as you see it.
  6. You have any pictures you care to post? I am a little curious as to how SMP turns out. Did you do SMP only, or is this a follow-up to a hair transplant?
  7. Erdogan is the Ryan Seacrest of the hair transplant world. Hardest working man in show business!
  8. I'm not getting too aggressive. Mostly keeping the hairline at the current low point in the center of my head, and filling in the temples and density. If I do go any lower with the hairline, it would only be maybe 1 cm, if that. If I end up on the highest end of the estimated range and get 3,000 grafts this time around, I still have 4-5K left. The hair loss you are seeing here happened over the course of 10+ years, and for the last 3 or 4 years, the loss and thinning has pretty much stopped. But like you said, I could end up with a Norwood 5 down the road, although that would be the first Norwood 5 on either side of my family. My hope is that if I do continue to experience new hair loss, that it will happen relatively slowly, so that by the time I get to a Norwood 5, the treatment won't even require native donor hair. EDIT: Also, definitely getting on Propecia as well, so hopefully that will help slow down any new hair loss that might decide to kick up again. Fingers will be crossed.
  9. I wish there more case studies as well. I noticed he (or someone at his clinic) posted a handful of new results a couple weeks ago, and they were all pretty solid. This whole process is nerve racking, because no matter which clinic you are looking at, their published case studies are showcasing their successes. We all know that every doctor has bad outcomes we're not seeing. For Rahal, I get some comfort from the fact that very few people have negative opinions of his work (the same seems to be true for H&W). If he had a lot of bad outcomes, there is no doubt that at least some of those disgruntled folks would find their way here or to some other forum, and be bitching up a storm.
  10. Man . . . your results really are fantastic. Inspired me to go ahead and get that H&W consult before I make my decision.
  11. I decided to get a consult with H&W as well before I make up my mind. They are a good bit more expensive than Rahal, so I doubt I will go with them unless they really convince me that they are bringing something to the table that Rahal is not. But who knows . . . they may dazzle me. Plus, Vancouver is definitely a more appealing place than Ottowa to spend a week during the dead of winter.
  12. All very good points - our imaginations have probably started to run a little wild in this thread.
  13. I think this is exactly right. But . . . given some of the operational changes at the clinic (6 simultaneous surgeries, etc.), I think the guys that run this site really do need to conduct a little more diligence on what's going on at ASMED. Erdogan is clearly an awesome doctor. I don't dispute that. But if he is going to rely so heavily on his technicians, I think the folks running this site need to get a better understanding of what qualifications and standards there are for the technicians that are doing most of the work. Erdogan could probably address these issues no problem, and get most everyone here comfortable.
  14. I hear you. I mean hell, it's possible that there are ASMED technicians that have so much experience they would do a better job than Rahal or Erdogan themselves would do. But in the majority of procedures, I think more doctor involvement = better results. Do we know anything about what qualifications there are for ASMED technicians, other than the 10,000 practice graft requirement that Dr. Erdogan noted in his response awhile back? I would bet you a dollar to a donut that some of the technicians doing these procedures have no formal medical or nursing training, and nothing beyond a 12th grade education. EDIT: My last question is really one that we should consider, and see if the mods know the answer. I think it's an important question given how the procedures are being performed at ASMED, and I don't see how any clinic could possibly be vetted and recommended by this site if we don't know what qualifications and standards are required of the lead technicians that are responsible for doing most of the heavy lifting in these procedures.
  15. Jesus man, I don't freaking know. I also don't know why he's running 6 surgeries at the same time. I know nothing about his clinic protocol, other than what he posted on this forum awhile ago. And based on his own words, it's possible that a technician working on your procedure has only mere weeks of experience. I don't know what the odds of that are, or whether it actually happens in practice, but I do know that it is absolutely possible based on what Dr. Erdogan posted to this forum, re: the experience and training of his technicians. Again - I'm going off his words here - which is all I have to go on. Everything else is just speculation. I agree that this scenario would be risky on his part, but I'm not getting the sense that best practices are being observed right now at ASMED. I absolutely understand that doctors need to delegate heavily in these procedures. I work as a licensed professional as well, and delegation is also a big part of my job, so I get it. But I also know first hand that you can only capably supervise and oversee so many things and so many people at one time. No doctor can manage and monitor 6 active patient surgeries, and supervise and oversee 20+ technicians, all at the same time.