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  1. Hello I did research all over France I find not I bought several products it not market I saw several dermatologists it didn't work when I saw the ad on Facebook I thought not it wouldn't work I was lucky Knowing Doha Benmorsli who helped me a lot and guiding me she told me from a to z she trusted me I was with her in contact before doing a hair transplant. After a few months I decided to go do it I called Doha to make a quote I went to Istanbul they booked me everything in advance driver private the hotel and the day of intervention I met other people of vera Clinc and I want to thank dr. kadim for his work and others also god bless you good courage and good continuation so if anyone thinks go for a hair transplant I strongly recommend you go to turkey and go to the vera clinc you don't Won't be disappointed really . https://www.veraclinic.net/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️