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  1. Nice work! Dr. Hasson Was on my short list as well. I waited from 19 until age 34 to have the procedure done. Let me tell you it feels amazing. I'm 5 months post and am thrilled with what i am seeing so far. I had a similar receding hairline as yours , and now having a nice hairline to frame the face is priceless. It gets worse before it gets better.
  2. From research that I have read, it seems that the lateral slit technique is used to achieve better coverage with less grafts. As the hair grows out laterally, it can cover more scalp than if it were protruding straight up vertically. I cant comment as to which surgeons use this method exclusively or specifically on what region on the head it is used mostly.
  3. Good info . Im 4 month post and almost forgot about the sun exposure. Summer is coming up will be more careful and diligent using some sunscreen on scalp. anyone have some suggstions 30-40-60 SPF? Regular sunscreen? or maybe a moisturizer cream more like a cosmetic product?
  4. Very nice results! I just reached 4 months my self and have not achieved what you have so far.
  5. I would certainly agree that Rahal is a top clinic and has many outstanding results. His team utilises the latest technology and techniques and has a long track record of many successes. However, like any clinic there will be some who are not satisfied with their results. One issue that I see that may be contributing to this recent questioning of dr Rahal, is that the Clinic only posts the results of their TOP and BEST looking patients. It seems to be cherry picked to only display the best of the best and usually they are cases with minimal Norwoods and high calibre hair structure. This may be misleading to some patients who may expect those stellar results when in fact based on their own situation and physiology may never be obtainable regardless of who the surgeon is. That does not mean Rahal will not do the best he can for you. I know he has even turned down potential patients as he knew a decent result would not be feasible. If you continue researching I am sure you will come to the same conclusion that i did. Rahal is a top Clinic who does great work and stands behind it as well.
  6. This is something most people need to consider in their initial research prior to any transplant procedure. When we look at all the stunning results posted from any clinic, we think that those results will be achievable for ourselves. When in reality the clinic can only do their part: donor management, graft excision, and hairline/temple/crown design. Rahal and his techs have a good reputation for this from what I've read and seen(10+ years researching). They use magnification and state of the art equipment. Mike- the lead tech has many years with Rahal. Each persons individual physiology is what dictates how those grafts will take in their new location. Can your body recover fast enough? Can it produce new blood vessels and networks to support new follicles in dormant scalp? How does your skin heal incision wounds? What kind of scar tissue? This is why we see varying degrees of early success and should never judge our own progress with others who may have used the same surgeon/clinic. Other health factors can contribute also; smoking, alcohol, overall poor health/nutrition. Bman3082: I think comparing your self to everyone else on this board has caused unnecessary stress.( ive seen all literalno inquiries across many threads) The work looks promising, your own situation may require 12-18 months and I would let it take its course. maybe stay off this forum for a while. Best of luck