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  1. This is completely fake thread ..I can bet Please post some more pics of the donor scar ..i am sure , you can't
  2. Wear cap for few days ..simple:) Btw , please keep us posted with your progress as i am also looking for same procedure
  3. Hi all, Above are the post i did on this thread few days back , as I can see people are in real trouble on this thread and I don't want to dilute the attention of this thread by posting irrelevant comment .. All my post on this forum against one clinic and were under some provocation or you can say under some influence I am sorry for all my comment on this forum and would like to edit or remove them , but I can't as all of them are permanent now Please ignore all my comments
  4. @thappa Sorry to see you are also in trouble as i was , my mid scalp is may be thinner than your's .. and regarding the growth please have prp seesion to improve your growth . Lets wait for 12 months or more to see the actaull growth and may b your scar will heal. And the end i just wanted to see I didn't got the expected result , I had word with doctor but no satisfactory answer. @AshishG Yes , I received call from clinic after I posted on this forum . Dr asked me to visit Jaipur for scar revesion , as they will be implanting the follicles onscar tissue ..not sure what will happen next As far as pics are concerned ..I will share my journey from booking flight to Jaipur to 1 year post op ..I had the worst experience at medispa Meanwhile I am sharing one pic of my scar
  5. Atleast wait for 12-16 months postop got 2 nd Surgery ... BTW my scar is pretty thin both the sides but it widen in mid scalp
  6. @thappa Soon ..very soon ...meanwhile if you want I can show you email chain with Dr Sumeet soni .. I sent my pics to Dr soni and he asked me to visit jaipur for scar revesion ..i have all the proof ..and as i mentioned i will share my entire journey soon on this forum ..don't worry and stay tuned
  7. I don't need to see video ..as I have gone through same procedure at medispa . I know each and everything about this clinic Now let me clear what I was trying to say , you can't see the scar with such lengthy hair's ..atleast they should showcase how scar looks like after trimming the head ..!! Hope you got my point ..still if you have any queries please let me know ..I would be happy to help you ...!!! Cheers
  8. Great man , If you don't mind could you please share your before and after pics of fut scar .. I am planning to cover my FUT scar next month by grafting almost 300 grafts on it , just curious about the growth After your procedure How low you can go with your hair cut without scar being noticed .. gaurd 2 or 3 or 4 ??
  9. Thanks Loke I am glad that more and more people are getting rid of butchered head. Thanks to doctors like Dr Feriduni. Is it possible for you to share more pics with shaved head before surgery 1 and before Surgery 2 , so I can compare the growth after the 1 session Actually I am also planning for same , I also have 2mm wide scar which is almost 19 cm long
  10. Hi Dayal , Any update , are you planning fue into the scar ? What Dr bhatti suggested ?