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  1. I would like to say HUGE THANKS to all Vera Clinic staff members for their professionalism, dedication and great care for their patients. People who made my whole experience going on my 3 days trip to Turkey for the FUE operation absolutely flawless and close to excellence. Starting from my medical consultant Sara who is amazingly professional. She was guiding me trough every single step of the process. She is also a very very nice person. Agents who were greeting me at the airport, drivers, doctors, medical and admin support team, interpreters. All these guys are truly amazing. I can’t recommend enough Vera Clinic and their team! Well done guys and I am thank you all and everyone of you sincerely. The package was excellent - transportation, hotel and communication - all 5 star services. The operation was 8,5h long but worth every single minute. Had 5500 grafts implanted on the 8th of Dec 2018 and this review is not fake. I would highly recommend this clinic and their team to everyone who is thinking of going to Istanbul for hair transplants operation. https://www.veraclinic.net/