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  1. It is looking really good man. I've got a similar progress. Would you be able to show how does your donor area look like right now?
  2. Hey there, Thank you. Everything went OK. I was very ry drowsy for the entire day yesterday, I believe coz of meds. I am going in at 9 am today for a checkup. Hope to see you there and best of luck to you too.
  3. Hi Everyone, I wanted to document my hair transplant journey with everyone, in the hope I am able to help someone. Selecting the doctor: All the search etc had to be done online and this forum helped me a lot to come to the finalize a clinic/doctor. I inquired with a couple of other reputed doctors and everyone seemed great and confident in their way of working, which confused me further. There was also a huge difference between how much grafts different clinics were giving me looking at the same pictures. The reason why I selected Dr. Bhatti is because I mostly found good feedback from the members here and also because he was the only doctor who I could reach out to directly. Being from a management background, these things show me the customer centricity, build up trust and confidence. To be honest, I did not have a lot of questions for him as I was really tired of asking so many questions to other clinics about the procedure etc, and he had most of the things documented on his website or videos. A couple of days before finalizing: I did my final checkups and read reviews everywhere, desperate to find some dirt. I do know that the HT business in India has commercialized a lot so I wanted to make sure I know who I am signing up for. I had to say no to one of the clinics who were good with follow-ups but was comparatively expensive. I gave them honest feedback and for some reason, they took it personally. Anyhow, the other of the 3 clinics I finalized didn't even bother following up. This shows how important follow-ups are. One day before the procedure: I used Google Maps to find my way, and for some reason, Google Maps has the place off by a couple of meters. My dad did make a joke if this place even exists or not? I did not have an answer as I have only used the internet to research. So minutes after, we finally saw this billboard - 5 Rivers Amulya Lab which is situated in the same building. I could tell you that I was shaking when I was entering the building due to anxiety. This was a newly constructed building with the ground floor containing a pathology lab (which I believe is owned by Dr. Bhatti's wife) and the third floor with Dr. Bhatti's clinic. Overall, the place looked well kept. I entered the reception and was handed a form to fill some initial details and then was presented in front of Dr. Bhatti. Doctor Bhatti greeted me and then it was a really quick inspection. He asked me to open all the hair and then just examined everything in under a minute or two. To be honest, I was expecting a little more inspection on hairs and discussion even though we had some over emails. I believe things like that would make patients such as myself comfortable as anxiety takes the best of them. My dad did ask a couple of questions to which he then started showing videos from the youtube for pre and post-transplant. He also suggested that he'll have to trim the hair from the donor part and we discussed the pros of me cutting my hair short. He agreed that it'll be less effort to take care post procedure. I was then introduced to Shalini and few more people. They were really helpful and explained everything that was going on. She gave me some medicines which were to be taken at night and then gave me some instructions such as what to eat and wear the next day. I was then accompanied to the pathology lab for the blood tests after which we were free to leave for the day. We were offered a pickup from our hotel, however, we refused as we had our own car in the city. Day of Procedure: I arrived at the clinic at 7 AM in the morning after just drinking tea and some juice. I had to wait for a few minutes there and post that I was advised to change to surgical clothes. A nurse attached an injection funnel (sorry, forgot the name of it) to my wrist and advised that it'll be used for any medications during surgery. She did give me a small dose of antibiotics to check if I show any allergic reaction to it. Once done, Dr. Bhatti greeted again and drew the same hairline and suggested that it'll be future proof. The doctor assured me that he'll maintain the density and it'll look natural. Before moving to the theater, my donor area was shaved and I was given an antiseptic hair wash. I was moved to the operation theater which looked fancy with all the pieces of equipment and that was when I started getting anxious. I was attached to an ECG and blood pressure monitoring system. Doctor Bhatti explained all the steps and I lied my face down on the chair to begin the procedure. I felt a few slight pinches for anesthesia and to be honest, I only have foggy memory after that. I got really drowsy to the extent I could hardly articulate my words. I did come in and out of sleep and could feel what was being done. I wasn't left alone on my own and someone was always taking care of me. I asked for a toilet break and some water in the middle of the procedure which my limited articulation. Overall, I felt a couple of pinches but nothing that'll make me go screaming. I was given lunch and was told that everything went well. <Still updating>
  4. Hi Shera, Thank you for your response. I agree that it needs to be loose. I am in touch with Dr. Bhatti to understand more about the procedure right now and keeping my fingers crossed! I might reach out to you if I have any additional questions. Regards, S
  5. Hi, I am a Sikh (keep full hair and wear a turban). I have a receding hairline as I wore a turban for most of my life and now that I want to get my hair trimmed, I am very conscious of the looks. I am planning to get a hair transplant (FUE), however, I'd need to go back to work within 2.5 weeks of the surgery. Initially, until all my hair grows, I'd like to wear a turban to ensure I get a good transition from full hair to cut. I might need to wear it for 8 - 10 hours a day. I haven't seen a lot of posts which explain if wearing a cap or a turban after a couple of days of surgery could impact the growth of the hair? I asked few doctors but everyone had a different response so I am a bit confused. Any help will be appreciated.