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  1. Thank you so much Bjorn / Raphael for your comments. We are happy you like it. Warm regards,
  2. Hi Raphael84 / JohnCasper, Thank you both for the comments. Regarding your question, Raphael, Dr. Alcaide was trained by Dr. Bisanga in 2014 and 2015 when Dr. Alcaide travelled to Brussels. Then he was also trained by Dr. Meyer who previously worked with Dr. Bisanga. Dr. Alcaide and Dr. Meyer are the M.D. of BHR Clinic in Spain, and they 3 together are the surgeons of BHR CLINIC. They collaborate in different cases and we have patients who met Dr. Alcaide and have their procedures in Belgium, and vice versa. So there is a continuous work among all of them. Kind regards,
  3. Hi, This a new case from Dr. Alcaide who rebuilt the crown of this patient using 2526 FUE grafts. Although the patient has been taking finasteride for several years, there was an obvious lost of hair in the area. The result shows the process till 8th month so we expect it to improve during the next months. Here the data: Dr. Antonio ALCAIDE BHR Clinic Spain Age: 40 Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride Hair Caliber: Medium-coarse Previous procedures: No Total FU used:- 2526 * FU breakdown:- 1s 739 2s 1364 3s 404 4s 19 TOTAL: 2526 That means 2526 FU = 4755 Hairs. Average = 1,88 hairs/FU. Pre-Post Surgery 4 Months 8 Months Kind regards,
  4. Thank you very much OliverTja. Really appreciated. Regards,
  5. Raphael84 / VicTNYC, Thank you very much for your comments. As said this patient had a very good hair in terms of calibre, so he needed a smaller amount of grafts compared to other patients. But Dr. Alcaide managed it wisely using the necessary FUs. Best regards,
  6. Thanks Raphael84 / PlzRespond for the comments. Regarding the shaving, after 1 month it should be ok, always being careful to not hurt yourself when using it. Kind regards,
  7. Dear Raphael84, Thanks a lot for your comments. As far as I know the patient did not use any product when he came to the clinic at 7 months. The lighting can be a little bit different since I believe the surgery was done in our previous facilities, and that may create that perception. Thanks again,
  8. Hi, Here a new case from Dr. Alcaide. In this occasion, the patient wanted to rebuild his hair line and temples and Dr. used 2100 FUE grafts. Here the data: Dr. Antonio ALCAIDE BHR Clinic Spain Age: 28 Technique: FUE Medication: Minoxidil + Finasteride Hair Caliber: medium, wavy, good groups Previous procedures: No Total FU used:- 2100 * FU breakdown:- 1s 602 2s 1134 3s 364 TOTAL: 2100 That means 2100 FU = 3962 Hairs. Average = 1,88 hairs/FU. Pre-surgery Post-surgery - 1 Week 1 Month 2 Months and 20 Days 4 Months and 10 Days 8 Months Comparison 0-8 Months 17 Months Regards,
  9. Hi, Please find below some pictures with the before-after result: Comparison 0-12 Months Regards,
  10. Hi jj51702, That is "methylene blue". It helps to see the sites made on recipient. It is also used on donor area from time to time, specially on patients with white hair. It disappears during the 1st days of the post-op process. Regards,
  11. Hi, This is a new case from Dr. Alcaide. The patient wishes to rebuit hair line and frontal area. Dr. Alcaide used 2904 FUE grafts to achieve the result. Here the data: Dr. Antonio ALCAIDE BHR Clinic Spain Age: 33 Technique: FUE Medication: Minoxidil + Dutasteride Hair Caliber: Medium-coarse Donor density: 80-70-60 FUs/cm2 Previous procedures: No Total FU used:- 2904 * FU breakdown:- 1s 834 2s 1579 3s 491 TOTAL: 2904 That means 2904 FU = 5465 Hairs. Average = 1,88 hairs/FU. Pre-Post Surgery 3 Months 3,5 Months 5 Months 12,5 Months Regards,
  12. Hi, Thank you all for your comments. @ BjornBorg, no, not Ivan Rakitic, hehe ☺️. As said, this patient was monitored by Dr. Alcaide during 3 years before the surgery. He was under medication and there were no signs of miniaturized hair / retrograde alopecia during those years and of course at the moment of the surgery. What can happen in the future? That is a question which can be asked to any single patient, but from our side we always try to manage donor area in the best possible way getting grafts only from the safe zone, after a detailed exam of the area. Kind regards,
  13. Hi, Here you can watch a VIDEO with the result of this patient: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4nCxfH99qc Kind regards,
  14. Thank you for your comments baldlivesmatter. Kind regards,
  15. Hi delancey, Thanks for your comments. I understand that those follicles around the ear were fine for the procedure, and not everyone has to develop a retrograde alopecia. Also the amount of grafts extracted there was relatively small. Kind regards,