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  1. So since I was 21(now 25) I have been showing a good amount of hair loss. I went to a local hair transplant doctor when I was 23 and he recommended I wait a few years to see the increase of loss now here I am. So currently I’m all over the map when it comes to what doctor I want to choose for the hair transplant. I have consulted with many and told I need 2500-3000 grafts. I have found dr vories in SC which his pricing is very reasonable or dr Gabel who is local to where I live but his pricing is almost twice was doctor vories is or dr nader in Mexico for the best price. I’m super confused. I know that quality usually comes with a price tag but just need some help from people with experience. Any advice will help. Thanks!
  2. I like I Portland and am considering dr gabel but his pricing is much higher than most others. You have very similar loss to mine. Do you mind if I ask , what was the cost of your transplant?