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  1. I almost am 26 and wanted a tad more aggressive but think it will age well. Dr.Gabel and I spent a ton of time considering this. I want full coverage later on. To your question, yes and no, he is certainly mindful of a procedure in the future.
  2. Day 7. Feeling good. Crusting is almost all the way gone.Slight numbness to my transplanted area which seems to be normal. Met with dr gabel yesterday and he was amazed by my healing which is good to hear. Ready for the ugly duckling stage I suppose lol Not gonna lie I am feeling my current status though. Very Jesse Pinkman Vibez . 🥀
  3. Day 3Very happy with it currently. Donor area is practically an invisible due to my hair color I suppose. Was a tad concerned about the hairline but dr gabel put me at ease like we planned due to my progression at my early age. He so heavily packed the grafts, I am excited for the density in the front. Will continue to update.
  4. Yesterday I received just a little over 2000 grafts by doctor gabel. I will first speak on my experiences with hair-loss. Started losing when I was 19 but not that severe, didn’t really see a massive progression until 23( I’m 25 now). I work in public and just hated the fact I was powerless over my hair loss. I work our heavily and take supplements which I have thought at times have catapulted my loss but not sure about that with my research. Anyways, I took the plunge yesterday and honestly couldn’t be happier. I have been lurking on here for a good year and a half and there are a dew users that motivated me with my decision. But I thought I would share my experience with you all to give one some hope! First off got up, went to doctor gabels office. We were setting up the hairline and mid scalp because that is where most my loss is, thankfully I still have a decent crown with thanks to finesteride 1/4 mg and minoxidil 2 times daily plus biotin and regenepure shampoo. I brought my good friend and barber with me who I trust more than anyone and while we are looking at the hairline dr Gabe wanted to be conservative with the knowledge that I will continue to have more loss in the future and not go crazy low with the hairline. He was meticulous and wanted to make sure I was happy so we went down about a 1/4 inch which ended up to be perfect. Thankfully it was very real with me about all of it and no bs to I trusted him. So I got all shaved up as you can see in a pic of mine. Also, I added a pic of me about a year ago and as you can See my hairline has been trying to leave like no other and it’s only progressed since. I had a few doctors in mind and was considering price as a main thing but when realized this is something that I will have the rest of my life and on my head, it’s not something I want to go cheap on. I want the best and I found it with doctor gabel, and thank god he is literally only 20 minutes from my house, truly couldn’t be more convenient. Anyways, so we got to the part of the doc and the assistants creating the holes for the grafts. Only discomfort was the numbing agents but other than that it was painless, but definitely more painful then I was thinking lol then turned around and got to the extracting of the grafts, I must say it was certainly the most uncomfortable part about the procedure for me, I’m just speaking my own experience, but it’s mostly because I dislike laying in that position anyways, before I knew it we were done though. Now for the grafts to be placed, his assistants helped for the majority of that and they were super awesome and efficient and I felt in good hand the whole time. Even let me play some of my music which they liked due to its graphic nature 🤓. Ended up realizing I once went to middle school with one of them and knew a ton of people she knew. Doctor gabel finished up with the excess 250 grafts I believe and fine tuned exactly where he wanted them to be to give maximum density. He was all business when he was doing the procedure might I add. It’s was about 5:45 pm when everything was completed which we started at 6:30 am so quite the long day. He and his staff gave me all my post care instructions and items and then I left. All in all i couldn’t be happier. Truly I don’t think I could have made a better decision than to go with doctor gabel. I’m going soon this morning to get my grafts cleaned and take of the wrap I believe. Super exited to see it grow, as I am someone that loves greasing my hair back( Schorem barbershop style). Will post more updates as I continue my journey growing. Hope this wasn’t a massive ramble but I thought hey, I needed to learn when I was doing my research from peoples experiences so this might help out some bruv that’s on the fence about all of it . DH ✌️
  5. So since I was 21(now 25) I have been showing a good amount of hair loss. I went to a local hair transplant doctor when I was 23 and he recommended I wait a few years to see the increase of loss now here I am. So currently I’m all over the map when it comes to what doctor I want to choose for the hair transplant. I have consulted with many and told I need 2500-3000 grafts. I have found dr vories in SC which his pricing is very reasonable or dr Gabel who is local to where I live but his pricing is almost twice was doctor vories is or dr nader in Mexico for the best price. I’m super confused. I know that quality usually comes with a price tag but just need some help from people with experience. Any advice will help. Thanks!
  6. I like I Portland and am considering dr gabel but his pricing is much higher than most others. You have very similar loss to mine. Do you mind if I ask , what was the cost of your transplant?