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  1. Hello Raphael,

    I currently considering Dr. Bisangas for FUE procedure.  I am currently browsing his result page and so far i can only see an fut procedure done on a black female patient.  Is it possible for you to share results from patients who are male  black/african american.  Thank you !


    Also do you know what the wait time is for Dr. Bisangas new Athens clinic is at the moment? 


    1. Raphael84


      Hi Cafine, 

      Thanks for your message. I will contact you privately.



  2. Hello Doug,

    I am doing research on surgeons for FUT procedure and recently came across your clinic.  I am going through the clinic's gallery page for before and after pictures.  I haven't come across pictures for African /black patients.  Do the doctors not work on AA patients?.  If they do, can you link me any before and after pictures.  Thank you!. 

    1. H & W Doug

      H & W Doug

      Hi cafine5123,

      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, we do work on AA patients but the percentage is low. Both doctors have but Dr. Wong has the majority of experience with these cases and has done many. I do have an example of his work I have attached.  Email me at doug@hassonandwong.com and reference this correspondence and we can continue to further discuss your options. I'll also need to see good photos if you'd like Dr. Wong's recommendation. You can send directly to me at my email address or upload from our website here:  https://hassonandwong.com/hair-transplant-consultation/

      Thank again,


      Afro A.JPG

  3. Amazing progress, can't wait to start my own hair transplant journey. Pozo7 do you check your mail, i sent you a message few weeks ago.
  4. Do you think it is someone trying to tarnish this Clinic's reputation?, almost all these new reviews are from first time posters.