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  1. It’s hard to say as there is some credible proof this can really help hair loss. I believe this is the product developed by dr brotzu from Italy. It’s probably the biggest talk right now on hair loss forums. I’d wait it out and see if any members on those forums see results over time as I believe each bottle costs about 60 dollars.
  2. superflash- have you been using the "everyday shampoo" that the clinic sells? Did u experience the dandruff even while using that?
  3. When are patients allowed to shave their recipient zone with electric clippers?
  4. Shock loss might also be a concern for a surgeon. Lots of info on what this phenomenon is on this site
  5. Looks good. Did u use electric clippers on the recipient? Do u have pics from now?
  6. I think the hair clumping up together is more due to the texture and curl of your hair at that length. If your hair is cut short and you see good overall density and the hairs spaced well it should show that there is good coverage. Just my opinion though
  7. That’s pretty respectable. What were his comments on your yield? Any explanation as to what may have went wrong?
  8. I don’t care who designs what. If there aren’t peer reviewed studies at the minimum (ideally peer reviewed double blind testing) then there isn’t enough evidence to use a product imo
  9. Who is the doctor and why is his name censored on this site?
  10. Hello How long does it take for grafts to hook up to the new blood supply in the recipient aka “survive” the transplant?
  11. I’ve seen several stories on here where she recommended 1500 during consult and these people had varying amounts of loss. She also recommended 1500 for me too. But you’re right, the actual number seems to differ during surgery
  12. Seems like she recommends 1500 grafts for almost every person of varying Norwood degrees
  13. It takes 3-4 months for a graft to establish blood supply? Any sources for this? Several doctors say it takes about a week
  14. I think at 10 months you’re way healed and really don’t have to worry. Run it by your doc and they can have the final say
  15. Another useless post that doesn’t help the op with their question
  16. Yeah I wouldn’t worry bro 2 graft out of thousands isn’t going to make a cosmetic difference.
  17. Can you describe how the change has affected your life?
  18. Who is the “dhi expert” that they fly in and where are they from?