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  1. I don’t care who designs what. If there aren’t peer reviewed studies at the minimum (ideally peer reviewed double blind testing) then there isn’t enough evidence to use a product imo
  2. Who is the doctor and why is his name censored on this site?
  3. Hello How long does it take for grafts to hook up to the new blood supply in the recipient aka “survive” the transplant?
  4. I’ve seen several stories on here where she recommended 1500 during consult and these people had varying amounts of loss. She also recommended 1500 for me too. But you’re right, the actual number seems to differ during surgery
  5. Seems like she recommends 1500 grafts for almost every person of varying Norwood degrees
  6. It takes 3-4 months for a graft to establish blood supply? Any sources for this? Several doctors say it takes about a week
  7. I think at 10 months you’re way healed and really don’t have to worry. Run it by your doc and they can have the final say
  8. Another useless post that doesn’t help the op with their question
  9. Yeah I wouldn’t worry bro 2 graft out of thousands isn’t going to make a cosmetic difference.
  10. Can you describe how the change has affected your life?
  11. Who is the “dhi expert” that they fly in and where are they from?
  12. Wow. Are all beard grafts taken below the neckline? Do you have pictures that show the scarring after this many grafts? Thanks for sharing
  13. Very interesting case. I’m happy it has worked out for this young woman. for LPP you stated it is best to see a 2 year remission. What about alopecia areata? How long should one wait before getting a transplant following the last instance ?