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  1. Pretty good list from what I've seen. Maybe add Feriduni and Freitas to the list too for hairline design. However the three you've chose have presented some pretty stellar cases.
  2. What I'm confused about is that was actually banned from being mentioned here for several years due to a lawsuit. Now as of the last few weeks they have allowed him to be mentioned and haven't explained why. @Melvin-Moderator, @Bill - Managing Publisher: why this change of heart on mentioning ?
  3. did you apply the relaxer to all of your hair? If so, are the other parts thinning too or only the hairline/front?
  4. Correct me if im wrong but I believe most doctors in the US are required to perform removal of the fue grafts/strip as this is considered "surgery." In some cases I've heard of PA's doing the extraction for FUE under the doctors supervision. Techs/nurses are allowed to do the implantation part. It's overseas and in Canda where the rules are different and techs can be utilized for extraction.
  5. Thanks for the pic but do u happen to have a shot with a little more resolution? This one is extremely blurry
  6. First few night while is still bleeding or oozing u put a cover on your pillow. Many recommend a neck pillow to keep a bit elevated. Just follow your doctors post op instructions and u should be fine nvm I just realized u were talking about implanting into the donor...my bad
  7. spex are you still using minoxidil or have you since dropped it after your latest FUE?
  8. Wow awesome. Any pics of the back of your head donor and crown?
  9. Hello everyone I suffer from indoor allergies and have to take oral antihistamines all year to control my symptoms. I use zyrtec (cetirizine). Do I need to stop taking this drug either anytime before or after surgery? thanks
  10. It’s hard to say as there is some credible proof this can really help hair loss. I believe this is the product developed by dr brotzu from Italy. It’s probably the biggest talk right now on hair loss forums. I’d wait it out and see if any members on those forums see results over time as I believe each bottle costs about 60 dollars.
  11. superflash- have you been using the "everyday shampoo" that the clinic sells? Did u experience the dandruff even while using that?
  12. When are patients allowed to shave their recipient zone with electric clippers?
  13. Shock loss might also be a concern for a surgeon. Lots of info on what this phenomenon is on this site
  14. Looks good. Did u use electric clippers on the recipient? Do u have pics from now?
  15. I think the hair clumping up together is more due to the texture and curl of your hair at that length. If your hair is cut short and you see good overall density and the hairs spaced well it should show that there is good coverage. Just my opinion though
  16. That’s pretty respectable. What were his comments on your yield? Any explanation as to what may have went wrong?
  17. Did he give u a full refund? Was he apprehensive at all?