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  1. and then what? Offer 5+ year wait times for surgery and 2+ year wait time just for consult? If anything these wait times would be even worse after all of cristianos marketing
  2. Is it normal for some areas where FUE extractions occur to have bruising following the procedure?
  3. What if you’re in a car for several hours and it’s sunny outside? No direct sun light but uv rays are still able to penetrate the windows.
  4. I mean no disrespect by this but why you guys choose this very specific backdrop? A gray sheet with a light bulb shining behind it. The pre op pics always have the light shining brighter too. I've never seen anything like it. Why not just use a white wall to showcase the results with the same lighting?
  5. He said it was exactly like the video so Jacques did all the incisions (required by law in state of CA). Techs are allowed to place grafts into the slits.
  6. google "jacques abrahamian alvi armani" and its the second link. I'm not sure if I can link that website as its against the rules
  7. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a good experience. Do you have any pre op pics? Who was your first surgeon?
  8. No argument there as I see several overseas clinics that are heavily run by techs producing great results. Just putting it out there as this forum has recently shown a very big bias with some members claiming they want the doctor involved with as many steps possible. Just wondering...if you were happy with your results the first time why are you going with another clinic? Who was your first surgeon/clinic?
  9. I researched this clinic more. The guy who does the surgery (Jacques Abrahamian) is actually not a doctor, hes a physicians assistant. In the office, they have a doctor who I do not think takes part in the surgery, but rather plays a "supervisory" role since a PA needs to be working under a supervising doctor by law. However, Jacques seems to have some good experience with surgery as he used to work for Alvi Armani and supposedly was trained by Antonio Armani along with Dr. Baubac. So he left Alvi Armani and spun off this clinic, and here we are. Fun fact, Rahal used to work for Antonio Armani too. It's funny how connected everyone is in the hair transplant community. They seem to offer good rates (especially for california/US) at 6 dollars a graft and the guy seems to know what he's doing. However, for the people who would rather have an MD/DO working on them this might not be the right fit. Please, anyone correct me if I am wrong about any of this. To OP, your results look fantastic and it looks like those areas that were lagging a little have caught up. I would be very happy with your results. Please keep updating us.
  10. Thanks @Bill - Managing Publisher and @Melvin-Moderator. I'm sure you guys are aware but there is a new rep on this site that represents this said doctor as well as esteemed member Dr. Bisanga in their new joint venture in Athens. This will no doubt bring up discussions regarding the doctor and go against the HRN's lawyers advice. How will this be addressed?
  11. Pretty good list from what I've seen. Maybe add Feriduni and Freitas to the list too for hairline design. However the three you've chose have presented some pretty stellar cases.
  12. What I'm confused about is that was actually banned from being mentioned here for several years due to a lawsuit. Now as of the last few weeks they have allowed him to be mentioned and haven't explained why. @Melvin-Moderator, @Bill - Managing Publisher: why this change of heart on mentioning ?
  13. did you apply the relaxer to all of your hair? If so, are the other parts thinning too or only the hairline/front?
  14. Correct me if im wrong but I believe most doctors in the US are required to perform removal of the fue grafts/strip as this is considered "surgery." In some cases I've heard of PA's doing the extraction for FUE under the doctors supervision. Techs/nurses are allowed to do the implantation part. It's overseas and in Canda where the rules are different and techs can be utilized for extraction.
  15. Thanks for the pic but do u happen to have a shot with a little more resolution? This one is extremely blurry
  16. First few night while is still bleeding or oozing u put a cover on your pillow. Many recommend a neck pillow to keep a bit elevated. Just follow your doctors post op instructions and u should be fine nvm I just realized u were talking about implanting into the donor...my bad
  17. spex are you still using minoxidil or have you since dropped it after your latest FUE?
  18. Wow awesome. Any pics of the back of your head donor and crown?
  19. Hello everyone I suffer from indoor allergies and have to take oral antihistamines all year to control my symptoms. I use zyrtec (cetirizine). Do I need to stop taking this drug either anytime before or after surgery? thanks