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  1. If you really want to know you should review the data and statistics for each from the fda studies.
  2. Which exact treatments is the patient on? I just want to know what "maximal medical management" includes
  3. @Parsa Mohebi, MD 2339 grafts went into the crown but there is no crown picture for the post op? Why is there no overhead shot either?
  4. What exactly does help hair whey protein do to address hair loss? From reading the ingredients it’s whey protein concentrate mixed with some vitamins.
  5. What device do u use for fue extraction (manual, waw, harris safe, etc). Do u have pics immediately post op including the donor and recipient placement?
  6. This looks great. Big cosmetic improvement. what would cause you to look for alopecia areata? if a patient has a history of one outbreak of alopecia areata, one spot 2cm in diameter, dormant for two years, are they a candidate?
  7. Good info! Do both uva and uvb harm grafts? I thought uvb is the main issue as it causes sunburn?
  8. I've never seen the Chinese brought up in most conversations in regards to excelling in traditional western medicine. I think hair transplantation is such a niche field that it will be difficult to really try and expand into places like China. I agree though that if a good surgeon could set up a similar business model as what they do in the multiple patients per day/tech run clinics it would be even more affordable than turkey. The other issue is with the cultural differences that would spill into the aftercare. I just dont think China would cut it with western patients expecting the similar type of aftercare they receive with doctors in other countries like the US. All just my opinion
  9. Pretty good growth but what did ur doctor say about the front spot where growth has not occurred yet? I’m wondering bc I think I have the same
  10. Did u use the spray after any of your hasson surgeries?
  11. Looks great. So u still have new sprouts after 8+ months?
  12. Did u have this itching before surgery? Do u think the itching can affect survival of the grafts? About a month after surgery I’ve been having itching in in the recipient since one month postop.
  13. did u personally hear this from him or is this speculation?
  14. The picture shows a bottle of Indian manufactured minoxidil (morr)
  15. Did the doctor mention if the extra bleeding or scabbing can affect final results?
  16. Wow...how much more sprouts appeared after month six for u?
  17. I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through and hope you can figure out what’s going on. Maybe follow up with another well known doctor or dermatologist specializing in hair loss?
  18. You can easily search this forum for several repair cases, it’s not hard. Research around and get as many consults as you can from reputable doctors. Maybe reach out to joe Tillmann either thru his YouTube or website and he might be able to help direct u as he was a repair patient himself. Don’t lose hope it’s not the end. Good luck