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  1. Woah....this is the furthest I’ve seen 4000 grafts go. Part of it must be lighting. Any more pictures with similar lighting to the pre op photos? Did the patient start treatments after surgery?
  2. @hairtargeter who was your doc? Can you share the other pics of more dense areas? What is your age?
  3. Why would it be surprising? It looks like a scam product that’s extremely over priced. Where are studies showing it can stop or affect hair loss in any way? The only shampoo with several backed scientific studies showing it works for hair loss have ketoconazole as the active ingredient. theres scam products like this all over amazon with lots of fake reviews. Tread carefully
  4. Hairtargeter aka saizakout, im curious to know who did your dhi as well. You seem to ask a lot of questions but don’t answer any
  5. I think it looks great. I’m at 7 months and have the same density concerns so I’ll be following your progress closely.
  6. Do you have any itching in your recipient? As long as there isn’t itching or burning I wouldn’t be too concerned. Maybe ask your doctor about using pure aloe Vera.
  7. I think your front hairline looks great and thick. It frames your face very well. The rest has a while to come in and mature/thicken over the next 5 months if not longer. I’d still give it time to grow in. The important part is that you have coverage in the areas where you didn’t before. Now hopefully it comes in more. I think you’ll be even happier by 12 months.
  8. It depends. I think for younger patients with unstable hair loss there is more to lose. For these patients they need to understand that long term medical management is a necessity in most cases and they also need to find a doctor that is reputable and honest with the patients best intentions in mind for the long term. They also need to accept the fact that there is a possibility of several transplants needed down the line. For older men with stable loss, as long as they find a good reputable doctor, they are likely set.
  9. The direction of the hair is determined by the incisions made in your scalp prior to the techs implanting the individual grafts. It sounds like the doctor made your incisions. I’d just wait. Sometimes the hair is very wiry and kinky when they first sprout. If it’s a small spot you probably won’t notice when it grows in. Please share your progress pics.
  10. Great work that will likely help this young man get through his 20s with a good appearance of hair. percentage wise, how much has this patients hair “popped” and also matured?
  11. Where’s the eyebrow update? how are you 50 with barely any forehead wrinkles. Share your skin care regimen plz
  12. Looks fantastic! thanks for coming back. I think you're being a bit too critical on yourself regarding density. I think your density is 40+ tbh. Looks great regardless and your hairline design is fantastic. How much more sprouts (not thickening/maturing) percentage wise did you see from month 11-18?
  13. I dont think anyone can give you a direct answer because something like this hasnt been specifically studied. I'm no doctor but I'll add some info that may be helpful. I've read grafts start to re-establish their blood supply around 3 days and fully vascularize by about a week. I think doctors recommend not drinking a few days before and after surgery because it can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding. If I had to guess I'd say you probably didnt do damage or if there was any it was minimal. I know it really sucks but you'll just have to wait and see what happens with your growth. Worst case scenario, if there was any damage, it was only a partial amount of the 250 grafts which isn't a high number at all considering you likely have thousands in your donor bank. I would try not to worry about it anymore (easier said than done, I know first hand) and continue your healthy lifestyle. Good luck
  14. I agree that the best way is probably to start using remaining traditional donor FUE before going with beard. I've heard beard has the best survival after head donor as compared to other sources like body hair. The beard donor is usually single hair grafts that are obviously more coarse then head donor and is used to give bulk to other areas (not used in front hairline). I'd definitely go with someone that is highly skilled in using beard donor as it is more difficult to extract due to the sharp angle of the hairs/roots.
  15. Have you looked into trying to get some more grafts by utilizing FUE in your safe donor area? Also, if you have a decent amount of beard hairs under your neck that is another OK source of grafts from what I understand.
  16. Did you have a procedure before or is this your first? Do you have any pictures showing the front view so we can see how your face is framed currently?
  17. you do realize this thread is almost 2 years old that you bumped right....?
  18. I’m in the same position as you. I’m early 30s and began losing in my teens. It has been progressive over the years, however, treatment such as fin (which should be a mainstay in most young guys arsenal who are unseeing surgery) is important and advised by many doctors as it can drastically slow down and in some cases stop hair loss.
  19. Not sure how old you are but keep in mind he is in his 70s I believe so his hair has likely stabilized and meds aren’t required. Younger guys will more than likely need to continue and use treatments to try and stabilize their native hair
  20. I’ll start off and say the results in the front look good. However... I Still don’t understand why the background needs to always be different in the after shots. Why not use the same lighting/background for both sets of pictures? Would also be nice to comb the afters pics in a similar fashion to the pre ops