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  1. Have you looked into trying to get some more grafts by utilizing FUE in your safe donor area? Also, if you have a decent amount of beard hairs under your neck that is another OK source of grafts from what I understand.
  2. Did you have a procedure before or is this your first? Do you have any pictures showing the front view so we can see how your face is framed currently?
  3. you do realize this thread is almost 2 years old that you bumped right....?
  4. I’m in the same position as you. I’m early 30s and began losing in my teens. It has been progressive over the years, however, treatment such as fin (which should be a mainstay in most young guys arsenal who are unseeing surgery) is important and advised by many doctors as it can drastically slow down and in some cases stop hair loss.
  5. De Freitas does some amazing work. How long did u have to wait for the procedure?
  6. Not sure how old you are but keep in mind he is in his 70s I believe so his hair has likely stabilized and meds aren’t required. Younger guys will more than likely need to continue and use treatments to try and stabilize their native hair
  7. I’ll start off and say the results in the front look good. However... I Still don’t understand why the background needs to always be different in the after shots. Why not use the same lighting/background for both sets of pictures? Would also be nice to comb the afters pics in a similar fashion to the pre ops
  8. You endorse hair restore labs shampoo but which clinically proven ingredients does it contain that help decrease dht as u claim?
  9. Hi Cosmo good info. Is there any quantifiable (I know it’s probably difficult) how much more growth comes in percentage wise during this last growth spurt from months 7-9?
  10. So...what is your cost per graft? How many nights stay are included with surgery? If one wishes to extend their stay how much is it per night to stay at the eugenix provided facilities?
  11. Yes exactly, by day 6-7. I’m asking because by that time I began to shower then after while the crusts were moist/swollen I would massage with more force to remove the crusts and they indeed start coming off. I’m wondering if by massaging too hard by day 6-7 there is still the possibility of damaging grafts (there was no blood or dislodged grafts). Thanks
  12. Dr Bloxham within the first 6-7 days is It still possible to damage grafts permanently say by more forceful massage in the shower even if there is no bleeding?
  13. Very nice. How many grafts went into the temple points? Why do the immediate post op photos don’t show any grafts into the temple points?
  14. Sorry to hear you began losing your hair so early. I can totally relate though, I began losing my hair around 15-16 also. So know that you’re not alone. Most reputable doctors will not perform surgery at your age simply because it’s difficult to predict how your hair loss will progress. What you need to do is try to maintain your hair with treatments such as finasteride and nizoral shampoo. I’ve seen some doctors recommend surgery after the minimum age of 25 or so. I also recommend waiting it out to see if/how your hair progresses while on fin. I know this isn’t something you wanted to hear but know that this advice is for your own good. Hows your scalp health? I know for me when I was losing hair at that young age my scalp was horribly unhealthy. I had uncontrolled seborrheic dermatitis and it accelerated my hair loss imo. So if your scalp is unhealthy also try to address that to give the meds the best chance to work. in regards to your stress and mental health. Please seek a qualified therapist/psychologist. I dealt with/still deal with the same and it can truly help you. The sooner you start the better. If you’re in college they usually have therapist on site that provide services. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions!
  15. Couldn’t agree more. It’s nice to have doctors actually come and take part in some of the discussions. Just because they don’t agree with your opinion does not mean one should disrespectfully attack them Great response by @Dr. Patrick Mwamba
  16. I’m in line with doctor bloxham on this one. Sounds hormone related, and while you’ve been on fin for two months, your body is still trying to find “homeostasis” and as a result you’re experiencing acne. Follow up with the doc that prescribed it just in case and maybe a derm that’s well versed in hair loss that has lots of experience with fin. is ur skin more oily since taking fin? When I get acne breakouts what works best for me is a leave on salicylic acid lotion once a day (at least 1% concentration). Just my experience but u may want to give it a shot
  17. If under 40 I would seriously consider treatment (mainly fin) before going with a transplant. It’s important to stabilize your loss so you’re not chasing it with transplants. Looks like you have good donor and hair characteristics with relatively minor loss (nw 3). There’s lots of options. First I’d decide fut or fue. Then go from there. Plenty of good docs in North America and Europe. Find patient posted results that have similar loss and hair as u and with a hairline that you would like as your end result. IMO, each doc has their own philosophy regarding hairlines and some go a bit more aggressive in their designs than others. Good luck
  18. @KO hi, did lupanzula review why there may have been less than optimal growth? I remember you mentioned you had a scalp condition like dermatitis and I’m wondering what he said regarding that