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  1. I’m interested in this as well does de Freitas require that you take both finasteride and minoxidil or at least use one? I believe I saw vids where patients were just on minoxidil
  2. Melvin did you ever get a number of ur density in the transplanted area (grafts/cm2)?
  3. Yeah...def throw that theory far into the trash bin male pattern baldness aka Androgenetic alopecia (andro meaning androgens aka hormones and genetic....which as u guessed it is your genes). So, it all comes down with how your hormones activate certain genes which cause you to lose hair in a predetermined fashion. This is why propecia works...it lessens the hormone responsible for activating the baldness gene. if your theory were correct, then you’d lose more hair after a fut transplant from tighter skin. Also, y would the transplanted hair survive and not die from the inflammation caused by the tightness in the recipient? Lots of weird theories out there. Stick to what’s proven by science and studies
  4. What kind of limits including durations did your clinic put on: -supplements including things like msm, biotin, fish oil, etc -topicals minoxidil -gym before and after surgery? thanks
  5. @SprayPaint crazy result. Do you know what density was implanted (grafts/cm2)?
  6. Wow huge change from pre op. Can you explain how you style your hair and what products you use?
  7. Wow. How short r ur sides and back? I can’t even see any scarring after 5k grafts. Crazy
  8. Has asmed told you how many grafts would be required to reinforce those areas? I would guess max 1000 since it’s only reinforcing not rebuilding?
  9. Yeah the donor looks great imo. Your hair overall is improved a good amount compared to your pre op before any surgery. Your face is def framed now and you look younger. Yes, there are a couple weaker areas but I bet not many people notice besides your hair dresser and people mega focused because their own loss. However I understand your desire for more density as I feel the same for my situation. Your temple points also look excellent as it seems they were mostly gone before any surgery
  10. That looks very good. do you think rubbing off your crusts semi early (day 5) could have affected the yield? Was asmed instructing u to remove them by that time?
  11. Your donor looks quite good with that many grafts harvested. Do you know what size punch asmed used?
  12. There you go. You don’t gotta sweat the hair too much then. How do u meet that many girls?
  13. U still able to pound out girls even tho ur hair isn’t exactly how u want it?
  14. Thanks, but what I’m asking is if grafts can still be damaged even if they are not dislodged? Like if they are rubbed or tugged at can their newly formed blood supply be damaged? Anything that could compromise yield
  15. Can grafts still be damaged even if there is no blood say at 6 days post op by vigorous rubbing of the skin when wet in the shower?
  16. What is the steroid injection for? Do you have an autoimmune condition?
  17. Lol did u throw in your last sentence so they don’t sue you? 😜
  18. I had alopecia areata. It started during a very very stressful time in my life and about 4 months after an orthopedic surgery. Visit a dermatologist and they will give you steroid injections (about every month in my case). If you have stress you need to try and get it under control and take care of yourself. Work out, sleep well, seek therapy to work out your problems. Good luck
  19. The lighting differences in the before and after are a bit deceptive. Dark background with flash will show better density. What’s the punch size? Looks to be .9-1.0 mm