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  1. @ILikeMyHair As I have seen your another thread in which you have mentioned you had your first procedure with Dr. Hasson & Wong and now with Dr. Soni, both are best hair transplant surgeon as per my research. I myself feel that 8 months are not good enough to see the full results, you might have seen patients with slow rate of hair growth and getting delayed results, in some cases it takes more than usual time may be up to 15-16 months. still, you have a good hair growth in 8 months, look decent after combing, don't be impatient, let the hair grow fully. I strongly believe Dr. can transfer your hair root, but he cannot improve the quality of your hair by surgery & thin hair never gives a very dense looking output, you should be very practical. Please share whether you are taking finasteride for hair thickening as I can see they are very thin in nature.