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  1. Very unimpressed with how Dr. Diep uses such a large extraction tool size. Very bad for the donor area. I believe this is why he doesn't show donor area post op pics within first few months of post op. Here are pics. 


  2. I appreciate the direct, honest response. I dont think these things are related in his case to the extreme the donor is botched. From my experience I'd say he cares only about the end result of the new hairline so puts his effort into that mostly, and I say mostly cause i'm not happy about how he left the temples or connected the new hair zone to the existing (left noticeable gap). The large extraction tool is likely associated with him wanting to harvest as fast as he can - not to do with follicle damage concern in a small tool. He took little time in lining up the tool to the
  3. Yes, Dr. Nadimi does beard hair extraction for FUE. On my donor area on back of my head she used a super small extraction tool which even after 1 day of healing there was almost no sign of extraction. She says she can use that same tool or smaller one for neck hair extraction. So I'm not worried about scarring on neck, just whether or not the hair will look natural when placed on scalp is all i'm concerned about.
  4. Dr. Nadimi pretty much said with where my donor was when I came in, it's pretty much extract a safe amount now, and see how it grows in (which I though was respectfully honest). As opposed to Diep who said I have more than 6000 donor if need no problem. I'm thinking of using neck/beard hair for next FUE - pending some research...
  5. 1st transplant rate 4/10. Diep didn't cover temples properly, pulled donor area from outside of safe zone. Not sure how it'll hold up over time. I didn't ask Dr. Nadimi about crown dipping, I know the risks.
  6. Day 50 post op. Here's some pics. I am very happy with how the healing has gone from procedure with Dr. Nadimi. Keep in mind donor area is not great from previous procedure shock loss I had with Dr.Diep (not happy with this).
  7. Hi, had some grafts added to the front temple area, yes. 12 months from everything I've read is pleanty - but always best to talk to the physician to get their perspective. It's not rude to ask price no, both doctors were around the $6/graft USD.
  8. I haven't asked Dr. Diep about it (i'm pretty upset and just want to move on, found better doctor. Dr. Nadimi). Haven't ready anything about it on this site either. I'm a little disappointed that this site has such a high recommendation for Diep. My donor area likely would be in much better shape today had I found Dr. Nadimi sooner.
  9. Thanks! Just under 13 months between surgeries. I'll have more pics soon from the latest. Super happy with the healing process from Dr. Nadimi's office. She uses the best tools/instruments and has great staff! I highly recommend her as a physician.
  10. Hello, no need to apologize. Mine was on a Saturday, yes. I'm not sure what his normal schedule is, but that's when mine was.
  11. Hello fellow forum users, here's a bit about my FUE journey and finding out something important that I did not find in my years of research prior to my first FUE. And that is, extraction punch size. A smaller punch size will help with the healing & scarring and may prevent shock loss. *Different doctors use different punches*. In 2017 I had 2700 FUE with Dr. Diep. He was an ok doctor, friendly, friendly staff, but he seems to have used a fairly large punch size, larger than what was required from my recent doctor. I was not impressed that as I was laying on the procedure chair almost falli
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