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  1. Ill post the 10 month update in 10 days, but honestly, no new growth other than the hair getting loner.
  2. Hello everyone. I have been meaning to make this thread but have honestly been both busy and lazy. I have been scouring this website for a few months now and have been checking out a lot of peoples progress and completed work. I am glad this exists and want to share my current experience with the community. I am 34 years old and had a FUE done in Las Gatos, California (near San Francisco) by Dr. John Diep on May 23rd, 2018 to the frontal 1/3rd of my head. I began noticing my hair loss slowly when I was 27 years old. I started receding slowly and then the crown started going fast. I used minoxidil from 2011 to 2013 but I kept losing hair but not as quickly as before. I got tired of it and stopped. I started randomly searching on youtube about hairloss solutions and disguises and that eventually lead me to toppik. I started using toppik to cover my crown and i was okay with it. Then when my hairline started disappearing, I would start adding toppik there. It was good for some time and then the hairloss was too drastic. I now started noticing people looking at my hairline when they were talking to me and I felt like they knew something was up. It looked clumpy instead of like real hair strands. So then I began buzzing my hair with a 2 guard and developed a light sprinkle technique to give the illusion that I had a full head of hair with the buzz cut. I eventually got tired of it because like all of you know, it became a daily worry with all of environmental elements and with people wanting to run their hands on the buzz cut. I also got tired of always wearing hats when I didn't have the toppik on my head. I then started doing some serious research for the last 4 years before I actually pulled the trigger. I was choosing between Dr. Lindsey (he is 45 minutes from me in Virginia), Dr. Feriduni ( in Belgium), Dr. Koray Erdogan (Turkey) and Dr. Diep. I ended up choosing Dr. Diep mainly because of his amazing fue hairlines and for that fact that he is in the US. I am not going to type a write up about the day of the procedure because its exactly like what most people have described in their Diep threads. I will say that everything went well and I was pretty much knocked out for 10 hours minus lunch. I was initially told that he would be able to get 2,500 grafts but he ended up extracting 2,381. He was going to do some temple work but since he didn't get the 2,500 grafts, he ended up not doing it. I didn't know this until after the procedure but that makes sense since I was pretty sedated. I also opted to get the A-cell done. I am currently at 6 months and am a bit nervous with the progress (I know this the time where everyone tends to get anxious according to the forums). I know I am a slow grower on the top of my head because I was the same way when I had a full head of hair. There is definitely significant improvement of my hair line, its actually quite dramatic. My only issue is that I don't see a lot of density and I see a lot of big spaces where grafts initially seemed to be placed. I am not going to freak out or anything until after 1 year. I have read on this forum that some people saw a lot of new growth at around 9 months and on. I know the hair also begins thickens up then so I'll just wait and see and post monthly progress pictures. Side note, I know I am going to need 1 or 2 more HTs for full coverage on the rest of my head. I am not on any medication other than daily biotin. I wanted to get yalls opinion on Propecia and your honest blunt opinions about my progress so far. Thanks a lot and I am excited to be a contributor to this forum and of course experience my progress and results with yall. Top 3 pictures are pre op Top 4 pictures are 2 hours post op 1 day post op after a cleaning at his office 3 days post op and my face is swollen 9 days post op with scabbing 10 days post op 12 days post op. All the scabs have fallen. 6 months. Pictures taken this morning. I was buzzing my hair until the first week of October. This is my hair growth since then, about 6 weeks. I am not cutting my hair until the year mark. Hair at 18 Hair at 22 Hair at 28. You can see the front receding.
  3. It looks really good brushed back. You are only at 7 months and from what I've read and seen, a lot of the thickening will start now and go on to about 18 months. I am at 8.5 month (different Doc) and your results already look better than mine. I am also a slow grower. Good luck with the growing and I will continue to follow your progress.
  4. I agree, a nice improvement from where I started. After the 12 months are up, I will contact him and see what he says and decide if I will go to him again.
  5. He is definitely someone of my list for my future HT. Thanks for the well wishes.
  6. it looks pretty smooth. I run my hand through it and tap it down a bit before I set it with the hair spray.
  7. Are you talking about the pictures with toppik. Yea it looks like a full head of hair. But you can see my actual result on the pictures I posted before the toppik pics.
  8. It looks good in person. The only time it make look off is if I put too much in the hair line and it looks too dark or clumpy. I will then just brush that part out with hair brush and lightly apply again where you can see the hair strands. Looks more natural that way. I'll say this, after getting the transplant done, my toppik time has gone down dramatically. I can do this in about 5 minutes. Before it would take 15 minutes minimum because I would have to brush the hair forward and all sorts of stuff. I could definitely notice people looking at my hair when they were talking to me and that made me super self conscious. Hopefully I can get another procedure done (preferably a large one) and get more thickness all around and call it a day.
  9. Haha no trolling. There is a good amount in but I've gotten good at using it. My actual hair without toppik looks like the pics above that I posted at 8 months which was a few days ago.
  10. That looks amazing for 6 months. Happy for you!!
  11. Here are some pictures with Toppik. Thank goodness for this invention because I can walk outside without too much insecurity. I am sure most of you can tell that there is something in there but the average person can't tell.
  12. Thanks for the honest response. I agree with everything you said. Lets hope its gets a bit better.
  13. No i didn't get refunded, there was actually more to it but I don't want to share money publicly. If you want more information, I will be happy to answer if you pm me. To be honest with you, I am not sure who did the extractions. I was pretty knocked out with the pill he game me. I do remember waking up for lunch and then waking up intermittently after lunch to 2 techs placing the grafts into my scalp. I do know that Dr. Diep did make the incisions because I was informed that he would be doing that. I knew I would need a 2nd and even a 3rd surgery for the mid scalp and crown. I was told that from this surgery that the front should be taken care of and should give the illusion of density when grown out longer. I don't think I will get much more density but I am happy that my face is framed and that there is hair in that area. I was bare before. Thanks for the well wishes, lets hope it gets a bit better.
  14. Thanks Melvin. I forgot to mention this to you in the past but I have been following you on youtube for a while now and your videos helped me make the decision to go with Dr. Diep. You had a amazing result.
  15. Okay I will take some pictures soon. I have Toppik in at the current moment. I would love to but I can't risk it with the med I am on now. If I stop taking this med then I may possibly get on Fin but I honestly doubt that. I used Minoxidil for 4 years in the past but didn't really see much of a benefit. It may stopped a lot of quick loss in the crown but I still had hair falling out so I stopped in 2015. Yes, I will probably not do anything for at least 4 more months. Then I will start ramping up my research to see which Dr I should go with. Maybe Diep again or Erdogan, Bisanaga, Rahal, Feriduni. I have been seeing a lot of great results from Dr. Coto in Spain on youtube. Do any of you know or have more information on him?
  16. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the donor area during that time. I didn't think about it taking pics of that area then.
  17. I'm thinking the same thing. No I don't take any hair meds. Finasteride combined with the med I take now dialy may cause some side effects and I don't want to risk it.
  18. Thanks for the detailed feedback. Everything you said is what I am pretty much thinking. I am also following a lot of Dr. Erdogan's patients and more than likely contact them for a 2nd large transplant. But I'll wait at least until the 12 month mark before I do anything.
  19. FrontalHT12

    what do you think

    Your result looks really good!
  20. Whats up everyone, here is my 8th month update. I really don't feel like much has happened since last month, other than the hairs getting longer. As usual, tell me what you guys think.
  21. Excited to see your result. Good luck!
  22. Your result looks great! Hopefully I can look just as good in my mid 50s!
  23. Result looks amazing so far! Cant wait to see your final result!
  24. Fingers crossed. Thanks for taking a look.
  25. Your result turned out well. Looks even better at 17 months. Congratulations. I also went to Dr. Diep and I am almost at 8 months but unfortunately, I look like you at 4 months. Still a nice improvement from where I started but I was hoping for more density. Check it out and tell me what you think.